Metro Rentals

Metro Theatre Rentals


   Located at 1370 SW Marine Drive by Granville, in Vancouver, it is at the base of the Arthur Laing Bridge and near the Vancouver International Airport. You will find it easily accessible by transit, or can take advantage of nearby free and paid parking.

   The stage is 28 ft. wide and 22 ft. deep with additional SL and SR wing space. There’s a fully functioning counter-weighted fly system for scenic drops, curtains, and scrim (either white or black). It has state of the art professional sound and lighting controls and presentations. A self-contained secure operator’s control room is at the rear of the auditorium to augment programmatic lighting and sound with cues via headset. There are two large dressing rooms upstairs from the backstage area.

   The main floor lobby, auditorium style theatre, washrooms and concession area are fully wheelchair accessible and is supported with wireless headset hearing assistance devices. The lobby has a self-contained, secure street level box-office with street ticket sales windows where phone inquiries can be processed and ticket sales for your event can be handled Wed – Sat 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm & 1 Hour before your performance or event, if needed.

   The upstairs licensed bar and lounge facilities include extensive seating and a fully qualified bartender available. This meeting area can be rented with or without bar service.


Metro Front Signage

• The Metro Theatre auditorium offers over 300 large comfortable seats to enjoy any event on its 28 foot stage that you can rent whenever it’s not show time. You can even buy out the theatre for one of our shows and enjoy a private performance ( fundraisers love this option). Auditorium participation areas include; upper dress circle balcony, main floor wheel chair consideration and seat height augmentation. Our lobby offers; an alcove area for registration, sign in and follow up registration, a candy counter for coffee, water, pop and other for sale items. Further our upstairs lounge area lends itself to pre and post meetings as well as providing optional beverages during event times.

Metro Theare Seats

The Metro Theatre is available daily during the summer, from June through mid-August. The rest of the year, availability depends on the production schedule.

• live theatre
• live co productions
• performance, voice and dance competitions
• school awards
• presentation meetings
• fund raisers


Metro Theare Lounge and Meeting Area


Metro Theatre lounge has a capacity for 65 people and is licensed. Attached to the lounge is a Green Room with fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and some food preparation areas. It’s great for before the show, at intermission or after the show. Meet friends, have a drink, meet and chat with the cast and crew. The Metro Lounge puts ‘Community’ into Community Theatre…

Metro Loung being used.

$300 for 4 hours, with $75 each additional hour. A
bartender can be booked for an additional charge, with a 4-hour minimum.

• meetings
• creative planning sessions
• birthday parties
• reunions
• board meetings
• fund raisers


Metro Props for Rent

Since Metro’s building was built in 1935 many props have been used to enhance the stories audiences enjoy. Items that help renters and co productions may already exist in our nearby storage and design facility. Let us know what rental items would be helpful and we will go through the stored items for you.

Prop Rentals from Metro Theatre Vancouver

Scene Shop

Props, Set Building and Scene Shop for Metro Theatre
Casablanca Movie Cover

A Set for Movies & Live TV Shows

• Metro very flexible environment supports both theatre and show settings.

• What many value the most is the great acoustic control the auditorium offers for those truly professional productions.