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The Gazebo

On stage February 21 – March 7, 2020

A TV mystery writer who dreams up near perfect crimes each week for his TV show is blackmailed and faced with the prospect of committing a real perfect murder to protect his wife’s reputation. Suffice it to say that his attempt at the real thing is less perfect than those he writes for television.

For more details and photos please visit The Gazebo

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SEASON  2019/2020


Metro Season  57 Brochure 2019-2020


About Metro

Now in our 57th year of presenting Vancouver with live plays and theatre performances from our location on Marine Drive at the foot of Granville.

We are excited to offer this wide range of live theatre for our patrons in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Ladner, Delta, Surrey, New Westminster, and all the Greater Vancouver area.

We look forward to sharing our work and sharing the enjoyment of live productions with audiences, volunteers and our co-performers.


Set Designer, Heather Stewart, takes us through her process for The Gazebo Set

One of the volunteer aspects of Metro is the freedom to try new areas of working backstage. There is always someone experienced to show you what works and doesn’t work. There is fun in learning new things.

After a few shows you are confident when you reply yes to the role of set designer. You know what is needed for the technical director, the set painter, set decorator and carpenters and they will answer any questions that arise. So far nothing out of the ordinary. Script in hand you plan a day to go to the library for some research.

Often, in the back of the script, you may find a floor plan from the original production – often a Broadway sized stage. Next, get out the floor plan for Metro theatre and start reading the script.

You peruse the page that indicates the time and place for the play (number of scenes); then, turn the page to read the playwright’s description where the action takes place. A door here, a window there… this is the scene of the play throughout.

A little farther along The Gazebo is described by a performer as the item is shown on stage – an elaborate prop… doable. I was going to the library anyway.

Prop model build of The GazeboA little further along, The Gazebo is actually a set piece – that needs to do what ?????? – Fall down in front of the audience (without any damage to the structure/appearance) and then be upright again in place on the stage before the next performance !!!!!

Oh my, thank goodness for the library! Twelve books and many hours of reading, working plans to build a Gazebo that our carpenter can use for the Metro stage plus a copy of plans for the props manager that she will use to build the prop version of the Gazebo.

Enter our hero, Robin, carpenter extraordinaire. I hand him a set of plans for a Gazebo, and discuss how we only need to see this section, and at the end of the play –  the Gazebo has to disassemble – AND be back up for the next performance! I rely on Robin’s construction knowledge and experience to build this specialty item.

Next, set painter Tracy-Lynn with paint brush in hand to work her scenic magic (you saw the Eiffel Tower from earlier this season), she brings the Gazebo more to life.

Finally, the Gazebo needs to be “rigged” to allow it to do what it needs to do – Les, our technical director  works out how that  gets done!

Creativity abounds with this team.  We invite you to come and see what our combined knowledge has developed for the very unique set build of THE GAZEBO on stage February 21 – March 7, 2020.



theatre volunteer   The help volunteers provide to Metro is both needed and appreciated.

   Please contact us about when you are available and the your interest in working in either:

• Production Volunteers
• Front Office Volunteers

Artful Theatre


Thank you so much to everyone that came out to support the RRR show with Artist TLC Art & Designs  during the month of January. We are so thrilled and happy to announce more paintings in the collection have SOLD!

Abstract painting in blue tonesSales from any painting in this collection benefit Metro Theatre to assist with building maintenance costs; with a small portion going back to the artist.

Using 100% recycled materials from the last few seasons of Metro’s shows and a variety of painting techniques, Artist Tracy-Lynn worked on wood and other leftover materials found in Metro’s scenic shop to create fresh and innovative abstract paintings.

  • Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining paintings or a custom-made recycled piece.   More information and photos of the pieces can be found at:  ARTFUL THEATRE

Gift Certificates


Give someone a fantastic night out

Metro Theatre gift certificates make terrific Christmas, birthday, or anniversary presents and are perfect for gifts and incentives for employees and clients!

It’s so easy. Purchase a Metro Theatre gift certificate in any value, certificates never expire, and your friends, family or co-workers can then select whatever production and dates work for their busy schedules.

How to book

> Call us at 604 266 7191. We’ll send you the gift certificates ready for you to sign and send. Or you can let us know who to email or hold it for.

> In person. Stop by our Box Office  (1370 SW Marine Drive Vancouver) and we’ll get your gift certificates organized.

>  Book Online: Purchase Gift Certificates

Never leave your office or home! Buy online now and print at home or email your Gift Certificate directly to the recipient.



Huge thanks to  our community partner Cloverdale Paint for paint for our sets. Metro Theatre is known for it’s awesome sets.  Paint is a big part of those production costs so we are super appreciate of the generous donation  by Cloverdale Paint and their stellar in store service to our creative team.

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