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Always A Bridesmaid

Explores the relationships between a handful of southern belles who made the promise as youth to always be the bridesmaids in each other’ weddings; they just didn’t know they’d still be performing the role quite so often, or decades later.

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SEASON  2019/2020


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Metro Theatre is holding auditions on January 20 & 22 for Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomasedited by Paul Thain.  It is  the final show of our 57th Season.

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Using 100% recycled materials from the last few seasons of Metro’s shows and a variety of painting techniques, Artist Tracy-Lynn worked on wood and other leftover materials found in Metro’s scenic shop to create fresh and innovative abstract paintings. Sales from any painting in this collection benefit Metro Theatre to assist with building maintenance costs; with a small portion going back to the artist.
New  paitings have been added to the collection, just for this exhibit.

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Huge thanks to  our community partner Cloverdale Paint for paint for our sets. Metro Theatre is known for it’s awesome sets.  Paint is a big part of those production costs so we are super appreciate of the generous donation  by Cloverdale Paint and their stellar in store service to our creative team.

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Huge thanks to Ian Jacques of The Delta Optimisit for this wonderful Preview of  Always A Bridesmaid.

4 brdesmaid in the ready room one has a broken leg………… Collier plays the wonderfully flamboyant and boisterous Monette Gentry.

“Monette is the ‘serial’ bride of the bunch – 30 years later still getting married for the umpteenth time,” writes Metro Theatre in a press release. “Typical Monette philosophy: ‘whoever said laughter is the best medicine never had a margarita.’ Typical Monette wedding advice: ‘do anything you feel like doing, just don’t do anything you’d be embarrassed to tell the paramedics.’”

Always a Bridesmaidhas evening performances at 8 p.m. on Jan. 17, 18, 23 to 25, 30 to 31 and Feb. 1, with 2 p.m. matinees on Jan. 19 and 26.

There is a Director’s Talk on Jan. 24.

Tickets are $28 for adults or $25 for students and seniors. Tickets can be reserved by phone at 604-266-7191 or on-line at:

Metro Theatre is located at: 1370 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver.


Big thanks to Hannah Scott of Richmond Sentinel for this awesome interview with director Don Briard for Always A Bridesmaid.

Richmondite Don Briard directs Always a Bridesmaid at Metro

By Hannah Scott  Published 1:20 PST, Fri January 10, 2020


After a successful pantomime season, Metro Theatre’s next production is Always a Bridesmaid, a play by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten.

Richmond resident Don Briard, also a long-serving member of Metro’s Board of Directors, directs.

Briard recommends Always a Bridesmaid to anyone looking for a laugh, highlighting the playwrights’ sense of humour as a strength.

“It will probably particularly resonate with any woman who’s ever been a bridesmaid,” says Briard.

The central plotline is that four women, lifelong friends, promise to be each other’s bridesmaids. Despite this promise, things don’t go as smoothly as they had hoped as teens.

“How the women deal with these things and support each other is a real tribute to the friendship they formed and how they maintained it in spite of their different outlooks on life,” says Briard.

Despite these differences, the characters in the show demonstrate their loyalty to each other. “It has things to say about the value of maintaining your friendships,” says Briard.

The scenes are a series of flashbacks connected by a central narrator figure, a young woman on her wedding day. The four women are her godmothers whose stories she recounts in a speech.

When asked what he’s enjoyed about the process of creating the show, Briard was clear: the cast has been above average.

“I don’t think that I have ever had a cast that were so unselfish,” says Briard. “They work so hard.”

The cast members connected quickly in a way Briard likens to the bonds between the characters in the show. “They make it an absolute pleasure to go to rehearsal,” adds Briard of his cast.

The positivity behind the scenes matches the play’s comedic, upbeat tone.

“Hopefully it’s a story that people will relate to and have a good laugh. If it makes them think about their friendships, so much the better,” says Briard. “Maybe someone will be motivated to pick up a phone and renew a connection.”

Always a Bridesmaid is on at Metro Theatre, just across the Arthur Laing Bridge, from Jan. 17 to Feb. 1. To buy tickets, call 604-266-7191 or visit


Richmond Sentinel Preview Always A Bridesmaid