2018 – 2019 Shows

Communicating Doors Ticket

Communicating Doors

May 4 – 25, 2019

   In this thrilling time-travel comedy, three women attempt to save themselves and each other at the hands of the same man but in 3 different time periods.  In the present is a dominatrix who has been hired to witness a murder confession.  Twenty years earlier is the second wife of the tycoon, about to be murdered and 20 years before that is his first wife (also about to be murdered).  All that can prevent these events and re-shape their lives is the ingenuity of the 3 women (and a good bit of luck)!

Jane Austen’s PERSUASION Ticket

Jane Austen’s PERSUASION

Mar 30 – Apr 20, 2019

   An adaptation of Jane Austen’s last novel, Persuasion features her most mature heroine, Anne Elliot. Anne gets a second chance at love with Navy Captain Frederick Wentworth when her family rent out their home to Captain Wentworth’s sister and her husband. Eight years after Anne was persuaded to end their engagement, they must navigate the complexities of their feelings and changing social positions.

Up And Coming Ticket

Up And Coming

Feb 16 – Mar 9, 2019

   In this zany farce, potential Prime Ministerial candidate, Philip Conway is not having a good night. While at a political conference at a Brighton hotel, he is on the verge of a full-blown sex scandal!  As if a partially clad actress in his hotel room isn’t problem enough, he is plagued by inquisitive political rivals at every turn. Meanwhile the lobby is full of press, the streets are full of protesting students, and there are rumours of an assassination plot!

Murder On Reserve Ticket

Murder On Reserve

Jan 19 – Feb 9, 2019

   In small town Illinois things are a little too quiet, even for the Reference Section of the public library. A body is discovered and big city cops are called in. As well as investigating a motley crew of oddball suspects, they need to find a good cup of coffee.

King Arthurs Court Panto, Pantomime, Christmas Tradition, Theatre on Marine Drive

King Arthur’s Court ~ The Panto

Dec 14 – Jan 5, 2019

   Join Arthur in a whimsical tale as he grows from a boy to a king. His interactions with Merlin and Guinevere, as well as his Knights of the Round Table, keep this energetic musical moving faster than you can say “Lancelot”.

BusyBody showing at Metro Theatre


Oct 27 – Nov 17, 2018

   This busybody is a chatterbox too and thinks herself a sleuth to boot. When office cleaner Lily Piper’s work is interrupted by her discovery of a body, she’s determined to solve the murder, even when the body disappears. The wise-cracking Mrs. Piper drives her ex-beau, the police superintendent absolutely crazy in the process.

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Sept 15 – Oct 6, 2018

   In this humorous 1980’s thriller, a mild mannered philosophy professor hits a colleague with the best of Socrates. This sets off a series of exciting twists as he and his wife try to hide the murder from the college police. Complications arise from a spying undergrad, who just wants a better grade!