A Fond Farewell to Sean Ullmann


It is with regret that we say not “goodbye” but “au revoir” to our dear friend and long-time volunteer and staff member at Metro. She is stepping down as head of our costume department due to health problems but will still very much be a part of the Metro family.

Family is what it’s been all about for Sean as she and her mother, Margaret, were among the groups who raised funds to buy the theatre in the 60s and remodel it into what it is today. So she has more history with Metro than anyone other than Les Erskine and Rob Moser who were also part of the Brat
Pack and who went on to careers in the movie industry.

Sean went into banking and when she retired from that, she became Metro’s book keeper, keeping track of the myriad of expenses and revenue that were generated day-to-day by an increasingly large, complex business.

In addition to this job, she also found time to stage-manage, both at Metro and other companies like Royal City Musical Theatre. She was wonderful at this job, being meticulous in her attention to detail and a powerful presence backstage. No one messed around when Sean was at the helm!

She was also known for doing hair and make-up (giving actors free haircuts backstage!) and being a dedicated props mistress, even making wonderful food for sometimes hungry actors to eat onstage.

Throughout all these other tasks that she took on, one of her great fortes was costuming. Not only is she an amazing tailor and seamstress, but she has also been known to put countless miles on her odometer as she searched the city for just the right item to be worn onstage. She has also maintained Metro’s
costume collection, battling infestations of moths in the fur coats, damp in the costume room and actors who decide to keep their costumes at the end of a run!

Thank you


For her many years of devotion, we thank Sean from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to seeing her helping out when she can.




Sean is being succeeded by Claire Turner


Welcome to our newest addition to the Metro family!

A graduate of the Capilano University Costuming for Stage and Screen Programme, Claire first came to our attention last fall when she volunteered to be the costumer for Charley’s Aunt, a very demanding period piece requiring multiple Victorian costumes. So we knew immediately she must have the right stuff and she has certainly proved that to me over and over as our cast suffered through 6 out of 10 replacements during the very prolonged rehearsal period caused by the pandemic. Throughout this tortuous process she has remained calm as she fitted people of different shapes and sizes, trying as much as possible to use the same costumes, cost, as always, being a concern.

She is eager to learn and happy to take over as our costume co-ordinator and, with her sewing skills and design ideas, We are sure she’ll be a hit with our directors and actors for the rest of the season.