Saturday, AUGUST 25

 10 am – 3 pm

 The Metro Scene Shop
8960 Oak Street
You’re invited to a HUGE garage sale of selected set décor, props, costumes and materials used over the past 55 years of productions!!

This is a community event open to the PUBLIC.  We are selling our treasures to raise funds for the new plumbing in our Scene Shop.

Is there a costume you have always wanted?  A prop or piece of furniture that you ‘ need’ Or are you simply looking for a massive pile of costumes/props/set items and other RANDOM AMAZING THEATRE STUFF?

Everything will be a GREAT DEAL because we want make sure all of our carefully kept stuff goes to good homes or theatre makers!

  • All items need to be paid for and picked up by 3 pm on August 25th

(We have a loading area set up just behind the Scene Shop)

CASH ONLY please

There will be a CONCESSION Booth with goodies and bottled water for sale.

We are hosting a PAY TO PITCH at the rear of the shop.

If you’ve seen a prop, costume or set décor piece one too many times on our stage and never want to see it again – or maybe you think it’s just TOO ugly to ever be re-homed – you can make a cash contribution to have the honour of throwing that item in our over-sized garbage bin for it never to be seen again. One item per contribution please.