Show 57 #4 Always A Bridesmaid

Always A Bridesmaid – The Show and it’s Performances



Evening Performances at 8 pm:
Jan 17, 18 ,23, 24, 25, 30, 31 & Feb 1
Matinee Performances at 2 pm:
Jan 19 & 26 


Jan 17 – Feb 1, 2020

  • The Director’s Talk is Friday, Jan 24
  • The Preview is on Thursday, Jan 16 – it is the final dress rehearsal.
  • Running Time: 2 hours (includes the 15 minute intermission)

1370 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC.  Next to the on-ramp to the Arthur Lang Bridge by Marine Drive and Granville .

Bride holding up a wedding dress

$28 for Adults or $25 for Students/ Seniors with a special every Thursday 2 tickets for $40.  Preview $15.  *GST is additional on all ticket prices

Tickets can be reserved by calling the Metro Box Office 604 266 7191 


Thurs – Sat 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm  show weeks & 1 Hour before each show. 

604 266 7191 voicemail or Contact Us form below can be used at other times.


Performance Evenings – 7:00 – 11:00 pm
Performance Matinees – 1:00 – 5:00 pm


There is plenty of easy parking – in the parking lot, on the street, even ‘All Evening Parking’ for $4 at the Value Liquor Store Lot just up the street from Metro – 1450 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z9


We’re close to the Marpole bus loop and on the #10 route. Check out for transit directions.


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Show Pictures:

Always A Bridesmaid
Always A Bridesmaid
Always A Bridesmaid
Always A Bridesmaid

Press Release: Always A Bridesmaid

Navigate the choppy waters of Love and Matrimony

Metro Theatre is delighted to present Always A Bridesmaid a Jones Hope Wooten comedy directed by Don Briard playing January 17 to February 1, 2020.

Bridesmaids looking at their gowns

Committed to the notion that careers, waistlines, and even marriages may disappear, but real friendships last a lifetime, four high school girlfriends honour the  vow  they made to each other at their dateless prom: no matter where, no matter when, they would all show up to stand as bridesmaids when one of them got married.  Forsaking all others, in sickness and in health, they repeatedly struggle to stage the perfect wedding in spite of fistfights at the altar, runaway brides or the mistaken and unfortunate, release of a flock of white doves.

Bridesmaid smelling the flowers

If you’ve ever elbowed a stranger out of the way to catch a bride’s bouquet, seriously questioned the mental stability of the duo saying “I Do” or been forced to wear the world’s ugliest bridesmaid dress, this deliriously funny comedy is definitely for you … and your dearly beloved!

Always a Bridesmaid demonstrates that good friends are a family we choose; and they are bound to us with a loyalty which is voluntary rather than a requirement of birth. The bridesmaids prove that the more important the event, the more likely the unexpected will come to pass.” Don Briard, Director

Bride and wedding planner checking out the flowers

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID is written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten, directed by Don Briard,  stage managed by  Al Zylstra and produced by Joan Koebel   Photo credits to Tracy-Lynn Chernaske.  

Metro Theatre is a non-profit theatre company, dedicated to promoting and developing theatre arts.  This is our 57th continuous season of bringing laughter, intrigue and surprise to live audiences. Always A Bridesmaid is our 521st show.

Cast and Production Team

Bridesmaid and their wedding planner making a toast in the flower shop

KARI AMES-BISSETTE                              Nicole Park
LIBBY RUTH AMES                                  Carol L Mann
SEDALIA ELLICCOTT                                Joan Koebel
MONETTE GENTRY                                 Michelle Collier
CHARLIE COLLINS                                   Annie Nelson
DEEDRA WINGATE                                  Sheila Keating


DIRECTOR                                                            Don Briard
PRODUCTION MANAGER                                    Joan Koebel
STAGE MANAGER                                                Al Zylstra
ASST STAGE MANAGER                                       Dominic Duff
PROPERTIES                                                         Heather Stewart
BOOTH OPERATOR                                              Leslie Thompson
SET DESIGNER                                                     Don Briard
COSTUME DESIGNER                                          Rene Schindel
LIGHTING DESIGNER                                           Les Erskine
SOUND DESIGNER                                              Don Briard & Al Zylstra
GENERAL MANAGER                                           Les Erskine
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                        Les Erskine
SCENIC CARPENTER                                           Robin Richardson & Robert Moser
SCENIC PAINTING/SET DECORATION                Tracy-Lynn Chernaske
PUBLICITY                                                           Debra Danny
GRAPHIC DESIGN                                               Barbara LaBounta
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                  Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

The Story

Always A Bridesmaid

“Always a Bridesmaid” is, first and foremost a comedy that uses as its setting a series of weddings which take place at a stately home in Virginia.  Four friends made a pact on the day of their high school graduation, that they would be bridesmaids for each other as they found their true loves.

Of course, life gets in the way of the romantic visions of high school girls, but the four women, whose adult lives took them along divergent paths, remained true to their promises.

The play shows us four weddings and we see how the women, and their views on romance, have developed—and we get a primer on the idea that what can go wrong…will go wrong.

Through thick and thin the bridesmaids show us the value of loyalty and friendship…and let us laugh with them, and at them, along the way.

Reviews & Being Said

Check out the wonderful REVIEW by Lorraine Graves (with Hannah Scott) of the Richmond Sentinel.  Thanks for the kind words reviewing our play.

Huge thanks to Ian Jacques of The Delta Optimisit for a wonderful Preview of  Always A Bridesmaid.

Big thanks to Hannah Scott of Richmond Sentinel for the awesome interview with director Don Briard for Always A Bridesmaid.

Directors Talk

Director Don Briard and the cast were available immediately following that evenings performance of Always A Bridesmaid on Firday Jan 24th.

The focus of Don’s remarks were on the effort to create “the illusion of the first time”—giving the audience the feeling that these words have never been heard before.  Of course, this leads to technical issues regarding diction, dealing with laughs, and dealing with accents.