A BLIND WOMEN is imperiled by a trio of sinister criminals

      Metro Theatre Vancouver is pleased to present the masterfully constructed thriller WAIT UNTIL DARK, written by Frederick Knott and directed by Don Briard.
On stage February 18 – March 5, 2023.

   This suspenseful thriller is the story of Susy Hendrix, a recently blinded housewife who unwittingly possesses a doll filled with heroin. Harry Roat, a brutal and sophisticated criminal, coerces two small-time thugs into helping him con Susy into giving up the doll. The drama plays on the themes of darkness and light as Susy navigates through her sightless world, and the crooks signal each other with light. Susy discovers her blindness just might be the key to her escape, but she and her tormentors must Wait Until Dark to play out this classic thriller’s chilling conclusion.

      Visit the Show Page for Wait Until Dark for the more information, show times, cast/creative team listings, photos and video.

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