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Director’s Talk : #SameDressMT

“Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” veers back and forth from playful to serious, providing rich material for the small, almost exclusively female cast. Ball pairs witty banter and physical comedy with emotional issues. The result is a production that uses humor as a mode for cathartic expression. The play has progressing characters as opposed […]

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The play starts with a woman crawling under a bed. It ends with a perfect Polaroid snapshot.  FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS is about the bridesmaids. They are an interesting assortment: an evangelical Christian named Frances, the sexually experienced and thoroughly jaded Trisha, the perpetual hot mess Georgeanne,  Mindy the groom’s clumsy, gay sister, […]

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS METRO PRODUCTION PARTNERS SEASON 54 Theatre Companies with a proven production and creative record are invited to submit an expression of interest to join Metro’s 54th Season in 2016/2017. A maximum of two successful candidates will partner with Metro in producing and mounting a production that will compliment and add value to […]

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Director’s Talk for Over The River and Through The Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods explores the torch-passing life changes that many, if not all, families live through. The play’s deep generational gap between grandparent and grandchild has been paralleled behind the scenes, with a young creative team filled with emerging artists working with an experienced, senior cast within the Metro’s venerable traditions […]

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