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Metro Theatre is indeed a busy place – we are staging Guilty Conscience, rehearsing Straight & Narrow, and getting ready to launch our 55th Season of great entertainment.

The season has been dedicated to the millions of volunteer hours, onstage, backstage and in front of the house that brought us past our 500th show. Yup – we calculated it – it takes 2500 hours to put on each production!  There is much to celebrate in reaching such a momentous milestone.  We hope you will take a moment to browse through the MEMORY REEL we created and also take a peek at the many photos albums we post.  You can see them HERE   and on FLICKR on the website or find us on Facebook –  METRO THEATRE VANCOUVER

Thank you to our many corporate sponsors.  With 503 shows over 54 continuous season behind us, we are only too aware of what it takes to put on a show

This season special shout-outs go out to:

  • DREW’S CATERING for truly awesome catering of our 500th Show and Gala
  • RIVER ROCK HOTEL for an amazing location shoot
  • ACADEMIE DUELLO for wonderful swordplay and props for Robin Hood & Marion
  • SCRAPBOOK WAREHOUSE for lovely props and door prize for Sense & Sensibility
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLATBREAD CO. for yummy catering for our Panto
  • RIVERSIDE GOLF for sharing  salt and sidewalk maintenance this season
  • BREAKFAST TV for consistently promoting Metro Theatre shows on air
  • JOY TV for featuring Metro Theatre’s Panto on air







for running articles on our shows.

Our biggest thank you goes out to YOUour patrons for buying tickets to the shows and helping Metro Theatre to advance non-professional performing arts in our community.

Metro Theatre is seeking  Directors, Stage Managers, Designers, Lighting & Sound operators, props, costumes, makeup and backstage crew for its upcoming season of works.  These are volunteer positions.  Interested in becoming a vital part of Season 55?  Apply via email to

Metro is important as a stepping stone for passionate theatre makers to gain experience and skills that may lead to a career in the arts, and for those that seek a creative outlet outside of a more traditional career”  – Les Erskine.


Arthur Jamison, an arrogant and ruthless trial lawyer, has had countless affairs.  He has decided to get out of his marriage by bumping off his wife, Louise.

Metro Theatre is pleased to bring the fantasy murder GUILTY CONSCIENCE written by Richard Levinson and William Link (the creators of Columbo TV mysteries) to our stage March 4 to 25. Directed by Don Briard.

To stave off hefty alimony payments, and with the help of mistress Jackie, Arthur plans how best to pull off the dirty deed. Conjuring up an imaginary alter ego, Arthur cerebrally stages several murder scenarios and tests each in the courtroom of his mind. He pits himself against his imaginary prosecutor in a series of witty, sometimes hostile exchanges.  Are we seeing Arthur’s murderous plans acted out in the theatre of his mind, or are we seeing events as they unfold in reality?


Bob and Jeff are a long-term item, living together in domestic bliss – more or less. Bob cooks, decorates and designs kitchens. Jeff builds them and jogs. All is sort of OK till they go on holiday to Malta to ‘sort things out’….and this is where the story really starts.

Bob explains to the audience that we all tell lies every day just to keep the peace. For example, he has never told his mother – Vera,  he is gay.

We see just how damaging such lies can be when Bob and Jeff attend a  family gathering in thundery moods, shouting at each other. We discover that Jeff harbours a desre to live on the ‘straight and narrow’ and have children. Can Bob’s family – Lois and Bill, Nona and Arthur and matriarch, Vera – help to rescue the situation? And will Bob be able to tell the seemingly ignorant Vera that the ‘straight and narrow’ is not the life for her favourite little boy……?

Straight and Narrow is a comedy about the warm and moving exploration of not so well hidden secrets and deep personal and familial love.

 In rehearsal now, STRAIGHT & NARROW written by Jimmie Chinn and Directed by Catherine Morrison comes to our stage April 22 – May 13. Tickets on sale NOW


Metro Theatre owns the Theatre space, the Scene Shop and the Rehearsal Space – we are still going strong and thrive on bringing YOU great entertainment at a tremendous value.  Stay tuned for the announcement of Season 55.

Tickets go on sale April 22nd

We love to hear from you.  Call us with your comments and questions at the Box Office 604 266 7191 or email us at

See you at the theatre!

Printable Download – Front of the Line Spring 2017




Metro Theatre takes great pleasure in presenting our 500th show in this our 54th Season of great entertainment ~ SENSE and SENSIBILITY by Jane Austen, adapted by Jon Jury and directed by Joan Bryans on stage October 29 through November 19, 2016.


Special Events planned for the 500th Show celebration:

  • Opening Night Gala Performance (Invitation only) with catering from Drew’s Catering & Events, door prizes and draws
  • Director’s Talk with Cast Chat at no additional charge on Friday, November 4th after the show
  • Closing Night – Memory Reel celebrating all 500 Metro Theatre shows after the final performance.

Please go through your photo albums for pictures of any of the 500 of the Metro Shows both backstage and on stage.  We would love to work them into our Memory Reel.  Scanned and digital copies can be emailed to

29632791603_440748c4ed_zPray do not be alarmed gentle readers when I tell you Jane Austen’s delicate comedy of manners SENSE & SENSIBILITY is a whirlwind of delicious gossip.  The play follows voices bearing conflicting truths and falsehoods about love affairs and scandals, independent incomes and inherited real estate. Such gossip is the architect of Austen’s late 18th century society .

29631998644_40d55a6772_z-cPrimary subjects of those rumors are the female members of the family – financially destitute and socially vulnerable after their father’s sudden death.    Elinor, is the eldest and most practical of the lot  – SENSE  – while the younger more impetuous Marianne, is the determined romantic  – SENSIBILITY. Like most Austen heroines, Marianne and Elinor Dashwood have excellent breeding and little money, so marrying well is the goal.

Then there are the uncertain suitors of Elinor and Marianne:  the endearingly awkward, diffident Edward Ferras; smooth talking, destined to break hearts, roguish John Willoughby; and the stiff upper lip, too old to interest and too smitten to stay away, Colonel Brandon.  Before the story’s end, hearts will be pledged and broken in various combinations.30177464951_c78ded3c23_z

The characters lives are never entirely their own.  The talk of their friends, relatives and even people they have never met, propels would-be-lovers into blunders, blindness, and revelations.  SENSE and SENSIBLITY asks “When reputation is everything, how do you follow your heart?

Tickets are $24 Adult or $21 Senior/Student

Box Office 604 266 7191

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Metro Theatre – How we got here…


The Metropolitan Co-operative Theatre Society was founded in 1962 helped by a $5,000 grant from the City Council to turn a derelict movie house into a live theatre.

Eleven companies, among which White Rock Players, Vagabond Players, North Vancouver Community Players and West Vancouver Theatre Guild, which still exist today, combined to present Metro’s inaugural season.  It was not until September of 1964, however, that they were able to move into the present location where an open house and black tie gala heralded the opening night of White Rock Players’ production of Dark of the Moon. It was reviewed by James Barber, the Sun theatre critic, as “a good play, well executed and one that sets a standard for Metro that is worthy of their investment.”

In its first few years, Metro seemed set for success.  Although, the co-operative idea did not survive,  Metro became an independent production company. During the early seventies, there was an exponential growth in Vancouver`s professional theatre. As long as Metro had its grant, they were able to compete reasonably well, using a combination of professional and non-professional performers, directors and designers. Actors such as Robert Clothier and Anthony Holland lent their experience while young performers like Brent Carver and Ruth Nichol honed their craft. Similarly, Metro was a training ground for young technicians, like Rob Moser, employed full time in the movie industry and Les Erskine, formerly of the movie business, now our very own GM and TD.

twitter-bannerSadly, in 1977, the BC Cultural Fund decided to withdraw Metro`s grant, on the grounds that there were more professional training facilities available( like Studio 58) and a grim struggle to stay ahead of the creditors began;  so much so that in the summer of 1977, there was doubt Metro would be able to mount another season. At this point the President, David Reynolds, called a Board meeting to discuss the possible closure of the theatre. Fortunately for all concerned, Johnny Duncan, then president of Dunbar Musical Society, stuck his neck out, offering that, if the operation of the theatre was turned over to him for one year, he would mount a season at virtually no cost to Metro. Supported by a group of staunch volunteers like Gerry Amos, Margaret Cullinan, Eleanor Heath, Sean Ullmann and Peggy Delisle and backed by president, David Reynolds, Metro mounted a season of 5 productions, allowing other theatre companies  to also take part. Joining him were people that came to be associated for many years with Metro`s success, the most influential being Jerry and Leslie White, Lillian McKittrick, Pat Waldron, Tom Shorthouse, Gordon Fairclough, Rosemary Heselton, Gwen Crowe, Hazel Cambrin, and Roy and Laura Burslem.

That season was a great success with every production gaining a good following and the picture began to look a lot brighter. Johnny Duncan was elected president, a capacity he continued to serve in for the next 7 years.

During this time, prompted by Gordon Fairclough and John Crittenden, Metro acquired the Oak Street Scene Shop where rehearsals take place and sets are built. In 1985, this dynamic duo was also responsible for starting the British-style Christmas pantomime with Babes in the Magic Wood, a co-production with Delta Players. What an auspicious beginning that was! From 1989 to 1997, the pantos were written and directed by Ellie King, who dubbed herself “Panto Queen.” When she ended her ”reign”, Johnny took over, writing and directing every panto (with a few breaks for other directors) until he was succeeded in 2014 by Catherine Morrison who wrote and directed her first one, Aladdin and is now working on her third, Robin  Hood and Marion.

Financial difficulties once again came to the fore in the 2012/13 season as we saw our number of season ticket holders decline and the ability to keep the theatre afloat seemed in doubt. This time another saviour came to the rescue – Les Erskine, our TD, who took on the role of General Manager and by dint of hard work and financial acumen turned things around  once again. Production costs have been pared, a new computer programme installed in the box office, allowing patrons to buy tickets online, equipment has been upgraded and the theatre  now fills its” dark” periods  with rentals for everything from pre-school graduations to movie shoots. All this, together with dedicated staff and generous donations from our loyal patrons, is helping to keep Metro going for what we hope will be many years to come.

volunteersNone of this would be possible without the contributions of our many sterling volunteers who have contributed over 1.2 MILLION hours of their time to mount productions and keep our public entertained. It is to them that we truly owe over a half a century of great entertainment!


Our Christmas Pantomime – a tradition FOR OVER 25 YEARS!



 written and directed by Catherine Morrison

This is a show about fights : Food fights ! Medieval longsword fights! Wrestling ! Fart gun attacks ! Men fighting men ! A man ( dressed as a woman ) fighting another man (dressed as a woman) with spatulas ( this causes little bodily harm ) Women fighting men !  Minions fighting Sheriffs. Something for everyone.

Robin Hood and MARION is the slightly altered story of Robin Hood and his band of Outlaws in Sherwood Forest; including Little John, Friar Tuck , Alan Adale, and Will Scarlett.
Lady Marion and her ladies of the court are a vital part of the tale. We meet them in the castle before they flee to the comparative safety of Sherwood . Lady Marion is being pressured to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham  – say it isn’t so!


Printable PDF – 500th-Show-Newsletter


Front-of-the-LineFall-2016 newsletter-black-frame

Metro Theatre is more than a season of entertaining plays for our patrons to enjoy.  Behind the vision of “promoting the theatre arts on non-professional level”, Metro provides a vehicle that exposes young people to the art and craft of theatre,  adds to their experience and expertise with modern facilities and equipment, and has become a place that our actors, designers, technicians, and stage managers can explore their passion at any stage of their lives.

Metro serves the wider community by being a well-equipped performance stage for a variety of productions from School graduations and Christmas concerts, and theatre and dance school celebrations or Corporate Meetings, to other Production Companies that need affordable performance space within Vancouver. And not just the Theatre and Stage Space, Metro’s infrastructure includes a separate rehearsal, construction and storage space that services the wider Theatre Community as well as Metro’s own season of shows.

To be sustainable for 53 years Metro has had to be very careful with its finances. With its increased complexity, regulation, and cost Metro has had to adapt. Changing technology and “Green” initiatives has reduced expenses and increased efficiency in many areas.

Although our patrons still contribute to about 65% of our revenue in the way of ticket and subscription sales, to balance its budget Metro’s income has had to diversify to other sources and giving more reliance and sales from the concession, bar and other sources including………


As a non-profit charitable society, Donations make an enormous contribution to Metro’s sustainability in providing a performing arts space for our members and to the wider community.  This year we are pleased that with the generous contributions from our patrons in the form of individual and legacy donations, we were able to:

  • upgrade our sound system with a newer “state of the art” computer and software, the
  • installation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for the safety of our audience,
  • and the start of Phase one of the “Light Up the Face of Metro”  to update the street front façade of the theatre.

Metro is pleased to have become such a treasure to its patrons and to receive such generosity.  It is these Donations that allow Metro to adapt and modernise.



Our legions of dedicated volunteers have committed an astonishing ONE MILLION HOURS of time, in order to present it’s 500th show this season (Sense & Sensibility).  On stage, backstage, or in the Front of House it is the volunteers that have carried the load in Metro’s 53 Seasons.  Many of our volunteers fill positions in one, or more of these areas

The Metro Board of Directors:  Elected through the AGM (Sept. 28th,2016) this team of dedicated volunteers is responsible for Metro’s governance and its season of shows through play selection, production management, and budgeting through monthly Board meetings and committee work in addition to working throughout the season on production tasks including directing, acting, stage management, and design.  VIP Members (including subscribers) are eligible to vote at the AGM.


Production and Backstage Volunteers: The majority of the 2500 volunteer hours taken to mount a Metro show is committed by this team. The director anchors the production and heads the creative team months before casting and rehearsals begin. The designers of sets, lights, costumes, and sound create and set up the visual, audio and technical aspects for the audience to experience, while the Actors rehearse with the director and stage managers for more than 75 hours.  We have a crew of dedicated Strike/Setup people that are ready to spend a day moving a set that has taken some 60 hours to build and paint at the Metro Shop to the stage or striking the outgoing set in preparation for the next production.  Once on the stage, the set up continues into technical rehearsal with a Backstage Show Crew and the Actors providing another 60 hours for the 13 performances, dress and technical rehearsals.

The FOH Volunteers are the front line for patron services. Every Metro Performance and shows that Metro hosts has a team in the Front of House to greet our guests, take tickets, manage the concession, and generally keep our patrons comfortable.   On duty an hour before curtain and during intermission this team dedicates 2-3 hours to the performance.

This dedicated Metro Team is always recruiting new members that wish to contribute to sustaining Metro’s cultural legacy.  Ask us how by emailing or calling the Box Office 604 266 7191


Metro Theatre is pleased to open our 54th Season with the comedy HAYWIRE on stage September 17th to October 8th.


Bookseller Alec Firth is having an affair with his assistant Liz, and has craftily organised things so that he can go on a romantic holiday with her – without his wife Maggie becoming suspicious – or at least that’s what he thinks. His hopes are quickly thwarted as each of his family member’s present potential obstacles to his getaway plan.    Alec’s attempts to resolve his problems and escape with Liz only lead to further complications. His life is indeed going Haywire.

agmThe METRO THEATRE AGM is on Wed. Sept  28, at 7:30 PM. 

You may only attend this event and vote, if you are a Metro VIP member. (Membership is $20 per year, but is included if you are a season subscriber)   Memberships are sold in the lobby on the night of the AGM. (If you bought your VIP membership after Sept. of last year it will be valid until the date of purchase.)

DARK-AND-STORMYWe are pleased to welcome the Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s Production  IT WAS A DARK and STORMY NIGHT to our stage October 20-22.

behind-youTICKETS for ROBIN HOOD and MARION, this year’s Christmas Pantomime go on Sale October 1st.  Written by Catherine Morrison, this large production is already in rehearsal.  Join the rollicking adventures of Robin of Locksley and his merry band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest by cheering the Dames and booing the Baddie.  Performances are December 15th, 2016 thru January 7th, 2017.


stay-tunedOur 500th Show is  Jane Austen’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.

We have several special events planned around celebrating this awesome milestone.

Please  keep checking the website and our social media accounts for regular updates and watch your inbox for a special edition newsletter.  We would love to hear stories about how you and yours have been involved with Metro Theatre over the 500 shows – email

Download a printable copy







Spring has sprung at the Metro Theatre. This is a wonderfully busy time of year for us as we stage COMIC POTENTIAL; rehearse TOWARDS ZERO;  and launch our  54th SEASON.

We are thrilled  to unveil an exciting season of theatre  for 2016 – 2017. Whether you are new to theatre or a lifelong supporter, an evening out at the Metro Theatre is guaranteed to enrapture and entertain.

“HAYWIRE” (Eric Chappell)

  • a hilarious British comedy/farce – Sept.17- Oct. 8


  •  a dramatization of Jane’s Austen’s first novel – Oct. 29 – Nov.19


  •  charming, American family comedy- Jan. 21- Feb. 11

“GUILTY CONSCIENCE “(Richard Levinson and William Link)

  •  American thriller- Mar.4 – Mar. 25


  •  British comedy/drama set in Manchester- April 22- May 13.


With the support of many sponsors, the Metro Theatre produces world class theatre that is affordable and accessible to patrons of all ages.  Few things rival the raw emotions, imagination and entertainment of live theatre.

Your subscription comes with:

  • Your choice of seats.
  • No-cost seat exchange.
  • Reduced price on bar drinks.
  • 10% off on certain Metro rental shows
  • Opportunity for early –bird Panto tickets so you  get the best seats !
  • Exclusive VIP membership, entitling you to invitations to celebrations  like the 500th Gala show in November
  • EXTRA VOUCHER at NO CHARGE – so you can invite a friend along at no cost to one of the regular season plays.

Season Subscription prices:

  • Adults – $105.00 or Seniors and Students – $92.00

SUBSCRIBERS – Don’t forget to pick up your renewal package when you come to our final show, Agatha Christie’s “TOWARDS ZERO”. You can fill out the form at the theatre , phone it in, go on-line, or mail it in.

flexpassoptionsYou asked for EASY FLEX OPTIONS:

4 Flex -Pack – 4 vouchers to any play in the season

  • Adults – $93.00 Or Seniors and Students – $81.00

You can upgrade to a 5- Flex -Pack

  • Adults – $108.00 Or Seniors and Students -$95.00

For maximum  flexibility purchase a 10 Flex -Pack  – 10 vouchers in any combination to plays for this season

  • Adults – $210.00 Or Seniors and Students -$190.00

Individual regular ticket prices to Metro plays remain the same as this season value priced at:

  • Adults – $24.00 Or Seniors & Students – $21.00

A Metro Tradition for more than 25 Years ~ CHRISTMAS PANTO

“ROBIN HOOD AND MARION “ ( Catherine Morrison ) – Dec. 16- Jan. 7

  • Adults – $27.00 Or Seniors & Students – $24.00 and Children under 12 -$17.00

Consider giving someone special, the gift of entertainment and buy them season tickets.  It’s an amazing season that will make you proud to ” Find Yourself at the Metro Theatre”.  We hope you’ll join us to celebrate a true Vancouver success story as we embark on our 54th season!


Corporations can purchase 25 tickets for $300.00 to be used in any combination they wish for the 2016-2017 season. All tickets could be used for the same show or spread out over the remaining shows. The pass is totally flexible and does include the Christmas Panto. You must be a business to take advantage of this offer.  Please call the box office (604) 266- 7191 or order on line under Corporate Flex Pass.

LIGHT UP THE FACE OF METRO !Metro-facade-sunset

Metro Theatre is a non-profit society that has been producing great entertainment since the early 1960’s. We continue to  have  a significant impact on the Vancouver  theatre landscape through training some of Canada’s finest theatre professionals and showcasing  awesome local and newly discovered talent.

We would like to replace our “original” marquee with something newer and brighter! With all the new residents to Vancouver, many in the Lower Mainland don’t know we’re here, so we plan to take advantage of our stellar location with new signage.

Please consider making a donation for this project on-line, by phone at the Box Office 604 266 7191, or mailing in a cheque. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your continued support of the Metro Theatre.



We started our year 2016 with the charming family comedy “Over the River and Through the Woods.” This heart-warming comedy, delighted and moved audiences to both tears and laughter.

This was followed by the” Dynamite Theatre” production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. This company is a pre-professional theatre program of younger performers who tackled this challenging and famous musical. It ran from Thurs. Feb. 11 – Sun. Feb. 14 .


The late winter was topped off by the raucous comedy/drama “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress”. This play continues the tradition (“Bridesmaids”, “Spy”, “Trainwreck”, “Horrible Bosses” – to name a few) of women behaving badly. Five bridesmaids get together after the wedding and during the reception and “dish the dirt” to each other.

Now Playing is Alan Ayckbourn’s “Comic Potential”. This satire is a story set, in the not too distant future on a TV “Hospital Soap Opera”. All the actors in the TV series are “actoids “ – robots that have been programmed to act. One, a female robot named “ JC – F31-triple 3 “ shows an unexpected ability with humor – she has “comic potential” . 25406125953_1d456d961f_zA young screenwriter who has written a TV script, wants it produced and the actoid ,(whom he calls “Jacie”) to perform in it. But the young man and robot – companion are forced to escape the studio, and while on the run, fall in love. This perplexes and confuses them both! The play runs Thurs. – Sat. until April 16, ( at 8:00 PM ) with 2 Sun. matinees on April 3 and 10 . (at 2:00 PM)


We follow “Comic Potential” with a magic show – “Magique” ! Experience some of the most astonishing feats of modern magic and witness the impossible… done in a full scale eye-popping visual theatrical manner. It is sure to amaze and runs from Thurs. April 21 until Sat. April 23 – at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available through the Metro Theatre box office .

25540015934_3a65df0531_zWe are thrilled to stage Agatha Christie’s “Towards Zero” for the last show of our regular season. This script has been unavailable for many years, but Metro Theatre secured special permission for the rights. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser ; a standard Christie with all the elements she is known and loved for; unusual of clues, lots of suspects, and a diabolical plot with unexpected twists!

TOWARDS ZERO opens Sat., April 30 and runs, Thurs. – Sat. until May 21 ( at 8:00 PM ) with 2 Sunday matinees on May 8 and 15 ( at 2:00 PM )

lovetheatreDon’t forget we now offer a “Director’s Talk & Cast Chat” on the first Friday performance after opening weekend. (May 6th for Towards Zero). We have a special CHAT planned as the members of the Metro Board will be on hand to talk about our upcoming season.  Take the opportunity to stay after the curtain comes down and ask questions.

The Metro Theatre has more in store after our season officially closes: we are more than our plays and a Panto ! There is “Acting Up” Theatre Company for children, renting the theatre on May 26, 27, 28, and 29.

This is followed by our yearly rental from the Vancouver Montessori school for their school-end concert and Graduation ceremonies on June 13 and 14 .

The Soul2 Sole Dance company appears on Metro stage on June 16, 17, and 18 . If you love tap you will love this show. Dancers range in age from 5 – 80 years old!

The next day, Sun., June 19 (at 2:00 PM) Metro hosts the Chinese Opera company. Beautiful costumes and sets, and traditional instruments showcase this entertainment.

Theatre and scene shop space is available to rent through the summer months. If interested, contact the Technical Director, Les Erskine, at TD@


Metro Theatre is fueled by volunteers. We are always looking for  friendly , outgoing people to help make our patrons’ theatre experience the best it can be. Whether you’re interested in taking tickets at the door or working backstage we would love to hear from you.

For working Front-of-House please email inquiries to

For all other inquiries please contact



Thanks to our corporate sponsors, theatre arts are alive and well.  Your generous donations bring joy and culture to our community. Whether you are interested in sponsoring one particular show or a whole Metro season, there are many good reasons why your business may wish to  be involved with the Metro Theatre.

Metro is a strong member of the Lower Mainland community.

  • We offer our Christmas Pantomime to at-risk children and their families (about 150 each year) as well as refugee families in Vancouver and Burnaby areas .
  • We are also involved in a student internship / work experience program affiliated with the VSB to teach and train high school students .
  • Plus, Metro hosts a large variety of educational children’s acting classes : “ Acting Up “, “Soul2Sole “ dance, School graduation and year-end programs ( Vancouver Montessori School ), Teen and Youth theatre groups (“Dynamite Theatre of Delta ),and  Improv groups, among others.

By partnering with us, your corporation is contributing to the continued success of a modern theatre venue with a tradition of over half a century.

For information about making a corporate donation or partnering with Metro Theatre as a sponsor, please contact Les Erskine at

A printable copy of this newsletter can be downloaded here:

Front of the Line Spring 2016




Dear Friends of the Metro Theatre,

This newsletter is written and structured with you, our audience, in mind. A down-loadable and printable PDF can be found at the end of each issue.


That is the number of hours of volunteer time that has been committed to the average show that you see on Metro`s stage. The actors, stage management and director have each committed at least 12 hours per week for a minimum of 6 weeks working together at rehearsals and countless hours on their own reading, memorizing and creating their characters. A creative team of designers and builders have each lent us 60 – 100 hours each to design the costumes, sets, lighting, props, paint, and all the other pieces that need to be created, obtained, or built before the audience can see the whole production. During the week of set up on the stage a team of volunteers are needed to move the set from our scene shop where it was built and painted and erect it again on the stage. The lighting is hung, plugged in and powered, focused and coloured. The sound is programmed into a computer and tested, the props, costumes and makeup are organized and readied and the show goes through the technical and dress rehearsals before the audience sees the result. Once a Metro Show has opened the cast and crew will give us another 50 hours over the 13 – 19 performances. And don`t forget the volunteers that take your tickets, manage the concession and box office for each performance. Metro requires from 15 or up to 40 and more volunteers for every performance of every show we put on.

It all adds up to 2,500 hours or more per show and 17,500 hours for this our 53rd season. We are rapidly approaching our 500th show – the simple math will amaze.

Please consider joining the team and contributing your time as part of the TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED. or online


Volunteer Profile


1) When and how did you first get involved with Metro Theatre?

I was a patron for a few years in the 70s and 80s and recently over the past 5 years.  I began volunteering in front of house during the Panto almost 2 years ago, starting on the door (my ticket ripping skills are no longer necessary since the arrival of the bar code reading system), moved on to concession and now I help out in the box office.

2) What was your favorite show done at Metro?

Going with the most recent I have to say Fawlty Towers.  The pace and timing of the actors brought the original show alive and brought back many memories.

3) If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

–  My grandmother, who raised 10 children on a small farm in Ireland and passed away in 1953.  She lived close to the land and her home and now her great grandchildren speak many languages and live and travel all over the world.

–  Yoko Saito a prominent Japanese designer of fabric and patterns and renowned quilter.

– Rick Steves, travel writer and host of PBS programs covering individual travel in Europe.

– Someone who is leading work on robot development.

4) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

My culinary adventures have been fairly tame so I’ll say haggis although the beef tongue runs a close second.

5) What is your favorite thing about live theatre?

The energy, both on and off the stage.  The whole community of performers, set designers, helpers etc that come together for each performance.

What is PANTO?

Is it like mime where silent clowns perform?

Actually, it’s nothing like that at all. British Pantomime, or Panto, has no resemblance to those silent comedians whatsoever. In fact, Panto is probably the noisiest, rowdiest sort of live theatre you can attend and it’s for the whole family. It’s a musical comedy traditionally done for a Christmas treat. It has nothing to do with mimes, those silent performers in white-faces.

Panto takes familiar fairy tales and children’s stories such as this year’s Sleeping Beauty and injects a bit of music hall, vaudeville, contemporary references and lots of audience participation to create a raucous, noisy entertainment that’s fun for everyone.

It is a traditional British Christmas play and a chance for people to go to the theatre. But it really came from very un-British traditions, nothing to do with Christmas whatever!

Often billed as children’s entertainment, pantomime really began as an entertainment for adults. It can be traced back to the ancient Roman ‘Saturnalia’ midwinter feast, at which everything was supposed to be turned upside-down like the Pantomime Dames (Men comically dressed up as women).

Pantomime first came to Britain in the 18th century from the ‘commedia dell’arte’, the Italian tradition of improvised theatre. The stories of the commedia dell’arte had many ‘stock’ characters in them such as clowns and jesters and a ‘baddie’. Traditional plots got mixed up with fairy stories, folk tales, or tales from the Arabian Nights stories, and gradually evolved into the dozen or so familiar stories of the panto repertoire that are still used today. The traditional figures from the commedia dell’arte gradually disappeared, and pantomimes became more as we know them today; they also became an expected part of our Christmas festivities.

Pantomime is now a popular family entertainment enjoyed by the adults as much as the children. The audience has to work almost as hard as the performers, whether it be joining in the songs, assisting in conjuring tricks, booing the villain and warning the hero with ‘He’s behind you!’ or cheering them on!

 DSC_0051Metro Theatre is proud to present our Christmas Musical /Panto Sleeping Beauty, with funny high-jinks, sophisticated 3 and 4 part harmonies, and complicated dance routines ,for a cast of 27 wearing over 90 costumes. Princess Aurora has to avoid spinning wheels (you remember the story), Nanny Do-Little (the Dame) runs the castle laundry (badly) and the Good Fairy and Demon enter into their usual battle of good and evil.

Sleeping Beauty runs from December 11th , 2015 to January 2nd, 2016 Thurs, Fri, & Sat evenings at 7 pm with nine Sat & Sun matinees at 2 pm.

Tickets are on sale now – please book early as performances are selling out quickly.

**Metro Theatre VIP members get 10% off.

 New This Season

We are pleased to introduce “Director’s Talk” a 20 minute session immediately following the performance that takes place on the first Friday of the run.directorstalk201

Keep your seats, or move up a little closer, and chat with the director and possibly some of the cast on a topic that is advertised in advance.

The session is very informal, with lots of time for your questions about how the play was chosen, how actors are selected ,how actors learn their lines, technical aspects of the production and whatever else is on your mind.

Director’s Talks are being offered at no additional charge and our licensed lounge will remain open afterwards for you to continue your discussions upstairs.

Next Director’ s Talk is December 18th with Catherine Morrison, writer and director of Sleeping Beauty.

Introducing the Corporate Flex Pass

CORPORATECorporations can purchase 25 tickets for $300 to be used in any combination they wish for the 2015 -2016 season.

All tickets could be used for the same show or spread out over the remaining shows. Shows do not have to be decided upon in advance. The pass is Totally Flexible .

This pass represents significant savings and is a wonderful way to offer employees or clients a special perk.

You must be a business to take advantage of this offer. Call the box office for more details 604 266 7191 or order on line under Corporate Flex Pass.


We have new neighbours. Some of you will have noticed the Riverside Golf store that moved in beside Metro. You can still park in that lot but the number of spaces has decreased. So if you are looking for parking, we suggest the Value Liquor Store lot at $4 for the entire evening and only a block and a half walk to our doors.

Did you know?

We offer free loan out of hearing devices. Simply leave some sort of ID with the box office and enjoy the show.

Give the Gift of Entertainment

Nothing feels quite as good as giving. With a Gift Certificate from Metro Theatre, it’s easy to share those good feelings with someone special.

A 4 pack is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving all season long.   So switch things up this holiday with a 4 pack – the recipient can use the 4 tickets any way they like – maybe they will even invite you along!

Christmas Gift Certificates in any amount you specify are available on line: Christmas Gift Certificates


Front of the Line November 2015

Front of the Line: August 2015


Dear Friends of the Metro Theatre,

This newsletter is written and structured with you, our audience, in mind. A down-loadable and printable PDF can be found at the end of each issue.

Curtain Calls

The Theatre has been very busy since our season officially closed with “The Graduate “in May. We have pulled back the curtains for a co-production of Holmes & Watson: Save The Empire, the Montessori School’s year-end ceremonies, Jennifer Bishop’s wonderful tap dancing school, a local musical theatre youth production and a film group for their “shoot”.

Put more PLAY in your life

We’d like to share the exciting experience of live theatre by encouraging everyone to buy at least a 4-PACK for next season! This entitles you to 4 tickets to any show (except the Panto, “Sleeping Beauty”) . For about $20 a show you can either see 4 shows yourself or use the 4 tickets in any combination you choose ( go to one play and take 3 friends, for example ) It’s your ticket, your choice.

Call 604 266 7191 or visit the website to reserve your spot. The arts are a vibrant part of our community and we cannot exist without support from people like you, so please put more Play in your life this season and invite your friends to do the same.

Let there be Lights, Curtains, Heaters

Metro has received a $12,000 grant from the City of Vancouver (Vanculture); on condition we match that amount. After much consideration, our first priority is new black “masking” curtains for the backstage area as replacement has been due for some time. The remaining funds will be spent on (environmentally friendly) lighting in both the men’s and women’s washrooms, and the box office; and a new heater for our box office.

We are also renovating the Metro Theatre lounge this summer; new (larger ) glasses , culling the liquor choices, and installing a new ice machine . Remember service is faster if you pre-order your intermission drinks before the show.

Have you heard about the “LIGHT UP THE FACE OF METRO “campaign in the name of the late John Crittenden? We will do our 500th SHOW (in Oct. 2016) and would like to replace our marquee lights with new ones in time for that celebration. (The marquee lights are the sign that passersby see outside the theatre, especially when they are stuck in traffic!). Donations for this campaign are needed and greatly appreciated. Any amount, any time – online or through the box office 604 266 7191.

Save the Date

The METRO THEATRE AGM is on Mon. Sept 14, at 7:30 PM. After the meeting, there will be a complimentary WINE AND CHEESE PARTY . You may only attend this event and vote, if you are a Metro VIP member. (Membership is $20 per year, but is included if you are a season subscriber)   Memberships are sold in the lobby on the night of the AGM. (If you bought your VIP membership after Sept. of last year it will be valid until the date of purchase.)

All re-subscribers have been mailed a ticket to be used for their complimentary drink – everyone else will be issued a ticket at the door. Hold on to the ticket stub – there will be a small prize- draw after the meeting.

In The Wings

The cast for our season opener, the British farce “HEATSTROKE”, includes Paul Kloegman . as Sam with the role of his wife being played by his real wife, Deborah Spitz. Corey Woods is playing the” cheese- commercial” actress Dodie. Kevin Sloan, is portraying Mad Dog Moon, Lloyd Darling, the Detective Inspector and Steve James, plays Howard Booth, a ‘has been’ TV actor. Quite the line up!HSbag

Rehearsals are going well for this hilarious “heist farce” that follows a baggage mix–up at the airport and the fate of 3 identical flight bags – one of which is filled with cash from a bank robbery. Set in a Spanish villa, both British couples lay claim to the money. Who will be left holding the bag? This show, directed by Rita Price, opens on Sat., Sept 12 and runs until Sat. Oct. 3 with Sunday Matinees on Sept 20 & 27. Preview on Fri., Sept. 11.

Next, is a return to that wacky hotel in Torquay – ‘FAWLTY FT11TOWERS”. with 3 more episodes based on the iconic BBC TV series. Back as Basil is Chris Dellinger, with Martha Ansfield Scrase portraying Sybil, Jill Raymond as Polly, and Tom Kavadias as the irrepressible Manuel. The show opens on Hallowe’en and runs until Nov. 21 with Sunday matinees on Nov. 8 & 15. Preview on Fri., Oct. 30.

We finish 2015, with our Christmas Musical/ Panto “SLEEPING BEAUTY”. With funny high-jinks, and wonderful singing and dancing, this pantomime promises to be a Christmas treat! Princess Aurora, has to avoid spinning wheels, Nanny Do-Little runs the castle laundry (badly) and the Good Fairy and Demon enter into their usual battle of good and evil!panto13 “SLEEPING BEAUTY” runs from Fri. Dec. 11 – Sat. Jan. 2 (evenings at 7:00 PM) with nine Sat. and Sun. matinees. (At 2:00 PM) Check the web-site for exact dates.

TICKETS for the PANTO go on sale on Oct. 1 ! (Book early for good seats) METRO THEATRE VIP members get 10% off

AUDITIONS for “Sleeping Beauty” are on Aug. 31 and Sept 2 at 7:00 PM at Metro Theatre.

See you at the Theatre

TICKETS – Buy all tickets for any production at Metro Theatre by going online: or phoning the box office (604) 266-7191.

PARKING – Metro Theatre patrons are very lucky as there is free parking, both on the street and beside the theatre. Additional parking is available at Value-On Liquor Store , ½ bock north of Metro for $4.00 parking for a 24 hour period ( or $1.00 per hour).

VOLUNTEERS – If you are interested in helping at the Metro Theatre, we’d love to hear from you. From Front-of-House people, to the Backstage helpers, we rely on teams of committed volunteers to operate.     Volunteers do get to see the shows for free and spend time with a fun bunch of folks.

Volunteers are needed to:

·         Run the lights and sound in the booth

·         Collect and organize the props backstage

·         Stage Manage the show

·         Assist the Director

·         Collect and co-ordinate costumes (sewing & altering)

·         Take rehearsal photos/video

·         Post on social media

·         Assist with Lighting and Set design

·         Tickets & Concession

For more info please visit or contact the Technical Director at

Renters On Stage

See productions at a discount by using your VIP discount for these exciting rental groups –

A Chinese Opera presentation celebrating multiculturalism rents our stage on Sunday Aug. 16 at 1:30 PM. This promises to be a thumbnailcantoneseoperawonderful experience of sound and colour; exotic costumes, beautiful sets and authentic Chinese music and instruments. A very Special Offer for METRO THEATRE VIP MEMBERS – FREE TICKETS – just phone the theatre (604) 266-7191 and identify yourself as a VIP member.

METRO VIP members get a 10 % discount off The Orthos Theatre production “ A Modern Fairy Tale “ running Wed., Aug. 19 – Sun. Aug. 23 , and Tues. Aug. 25- Sun. Aug. 30 . Evening shows at 7:00 PM and matinees at 1:00 PM ; 2 matinees on Sunday Aug, 23 and Sun. Aug. 30 (Check web-site for details)

cast11DRAC_drac-bites-LucyThe Royal Canadian Theatre is presenting “Dracula” – just in time for Hallowe’en. It is giving an updated Victorian Steam Punk treatment to this thriller. It opens, Wed. Oct. 14 with four, 2 for 1 performances on Oct. 14, 15, 21, and 22 and runs until Sat., Oct. 24 (with 2 performances at 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM)

Download or print: August 2015 Front of the Line



Front of the Line:  APRIL 2015


Dear Friends of Metro Theatre,

Creatively, critically, and financially, Metro Theatre has had a very good 52nd season. Thank you for being a part of it. A special thank you to our season subscribers for your support — you really do make Metro Theatre possible.

This season is winding down but it’s not done yet! Our last show of the season, The Graduate opens on May 2 and runs until May 23. Recognizable from past Metro Theatre productions Lend Me A Tenor and Making A Killing, Katherine Stewart is portraying the iconic role of Mrs. Robinson. Edwin Perez is plays Benjamin, the seduced young man, and Judi Price is the Director.

From June 17 to June 28 Metro Theatre will host the Ace Productions co-production Holmes and Watson Save the Empire. This family friendly musical-comedy-mystery with super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Dr. Watson, is not to be missed. Metro VIP Members receive a 10% discount. Tickets are on Sale Now.

On June 14th, Metro hosts another exciting afternoon of Dance as “The Rhythm Room” returns with “Different People, Different Beats”.   Mark your calendars and grab your tickets on line.

2015/2016 Season Line-up – EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT!

You heard it here first. If you are reading this then you are amongst the first to know about Metro Theatre’s 2015/2016 season. Our 53rd season is sure to be an exciting one: we open with the hilarious British heist farce Heatstroke in mid-September, followed by another three episodes of the BBC TV-inspired (and completely silly) Fawlty Towers in October. In December, the ever popular annual pantomime Sleeping Beauty takes to the stage.

2016 begins with the charming family comedy Over the River and Through the Woods with two sets of Italian grandparents doting over their only adult grandson in New Jersey. Five Women Wearing the Same Dress follows in late February. Set in Knoxville, Tennessee, five bridesmaids dish dirt on the bride, the groom and everyone else in between!

The satire Comic Potential , about a time ever so slightly in the future where simple acting is done by “actoids”, hits the stage in the spring. A daytime soap opera is being filmed and one of the “actoids” shows more talent than is normal. Hilarity ensues as the script-writer falls in love with her and they try to escape together.

We close the season with a rarely performed Agatha Christie play, Towards Zero. Metro Theatre was granted special permission from the Christie estate to perform this play and we are sure it will be a crowd pleaser.

Season Subscriptions – RENEW BEFORE JUNE 30th to take advantage of our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT

Pick up your renewal package when you attend “The Graduate”

If you subscribe and pay before June 30, 2015 you can purchase your 2015/2016 season tickets for the same price as 2014/2015 season tickets. After June 30, season tickets for adults will be $130 and students/seniors will be $115. Current season ticket holders will have their existing seats held until August 31, 2015.

Download or print: April 2015 Front of the Line

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