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Kudos to Metro ~ Review Vancouver reviews THE GRADUATE

“Kudos to Metro Theatre for an entertaining show!”


The Graduate

Dates and Venue May 2-23 | Metro Theatre

Reviewer Ed Farolan

………The acting, though, was great, especially the scenes between Edwin Perez as Benjamin Braddock and Kathryn Stewart as Mrs. Robinson.

The story chronicles the adventures of Benjamin Braddock, a new college grad grappling with his future. Directed by Judi Price, who is more of an improv director, I felt that some of the actor, Perez and Mariko Zamani (Elaine Robinson) were rushing a bit on their lines.

This is something different for Metro in that this is the first play I’ve seen where nudity, on the part of Mrs Robinson was shown. Normally, Metro produces more wholesome comedies wihere neither foul language nor nudity is shown. But as a whole, the production delivered quite well.

I liked Perez’s nervous delivery reflecting the young Dustin Hoffman in the movie, as well as Stewart’s role as the seductress Mrs. Robinson. Ray Knight as Benjamin’s father was not too focused in the first act, grappling with his lines, but he warmed up in the second act. The other supporting actors did quite well……

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Review Vancouver reviews THE GRADUATE

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