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Director’s Talk: Murder By the BOOK

Meet the Director of

Murder By the BOOK

Stephen Torrence

As well as being a lighting designer, Stephen has been a producer, director, stage manager, sound and set designer. Murder by the Book is Stephen’s director debut for Metro Theatre.

Join him and the cast of Murder by the BOOK immediately after the show on Friday, Janaury 26th  for an informal chat.

Discussions will centre around:

  • what is it about a mystery that draws us to the theatre
  • taking a character from the page to the stage  from the Director’s and the Actor’s perspective
  • the introduction music to the two acts and the two songs specifically chosen by the playwrights  and why we chose those particular versions of the songs

Stephen will then open it up to questions from the audience.

There is no additional charge for the Director’s Talk, just stay in your seats or move up a bit closer to the stage. The session will last approximately 20 minutes.


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