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Director’s Talk: Guilty Conscience

Where is the line between reality and imagination?  This was the question that plagued the team as we went deeper and deeper into the play.  The question we have for you (the audience) is:

 What are your conclusions, having just experienced the performance?

  • What were the clues?
  • Whose imaginings are we seeing?
  • Where you intrigued…or frustrated

Ultimately, from a performance perspective, we decided that it didn’t matter.  After all, our dreams can seem as real as…”reality”!

What questions or comments do you have for the cast and production team?  After all, the theatre is a living art form

Join director Don Briard and the cast of GUILTY CONSCIENCE immediately after the show on Friday, March  10, 2017,  for an informal chat.

There is no additional charge for the Director’s Talk, just stay in your seats or move up a bit closer to the stage. The session will last approximately 20 minutes.



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