Round and Round The Garden


Metro Theatre Vancouver is thrilled to open our 59th Season, in our 60th Jubilee Year, with Alan  Ayckbourn’s comedy Round and Round The Garden directed by Catherine Morrison on stage Oct 1 – Oct 16, 2022.

Norman’s desire for conquest takes place in a run-down garden, that, like the cracked plaster walls of the house and the well-worn outdoor chairs, has seen better days.

Alan Ayckbourn is a master of depicting the comic amidst the real everyday hurt, frustration, insecurity, and desire experienced by normal people and his characters exhibit very recognizable traits and dilemmas.
The confusions and interactions happen at the home of  sibling, Annie, who cares for her invalid mother.  She is single but is friends with her neighbour, Tom, a vet.  An unspoken attraction exists between the two but Tom’s inability to express his emotions further than tending to Annie’s cat leads to a simmering frustration on her part. Her brother, Reg and sister-in-law, Sarah, are coming to stay and take over Mother’s care so that Annie can go away for a break.  However, no one is aware that Annie’s brother-in-law, Norman, is the one who is whisking her away.  Certainly not  his wife, Ruth, who is also Annie’s sister. What a tangle! You may think so but events become even more complicated with hilarious consequences.


“The play is funny and topical. It examines human relationships, like family and marriage, through a humorous lens.Catherine Morrison, Director.





Tickets:  $31.50 Senior/Student or $34.50 Adult (plus GST) can be reserved by calling
the Box Office 604 266 7191 or Purchase Tickets

The Cast

Sarah – Tracy Labrosse

Ruth – Tamara Prescott

Norman – Matthew Ip Shaw

Tom – Tristen Foy

Annie – Rebecca Wass

Reg – Jordon Navratil


The Production Team

Director –  Catherine Morrison

Assistant Director – Hayden Clewes

Stage Managers – Shay Cameron

ASM/ Understudy – Mike Whittaker

ASM/ Props – Dan Meredith

Props – Susan  Munkeskov

General Manager/Technical Director – Les Erskine

Set Designers – Catherine Morrison /  Les Erskine

Costume Designer – Catherine Morrison

Lighting Designer – Les Erskine

Sound Designer – Roger Monk

Graphic Design – Barbara LaBounta

Promo Photography – Veronica Bonderud Photography

Production Photography – Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

Publicist / Webminder – Debra Danny

Director’s Talk

Join Director Catherine Morrison and the cast of Round and Round The Garden immediately following the show on Friday, October 7, 2022 for an informal chat about:

  • 1. This play is part of a trilogy.- “The Norman Conquests “. How does this affect each play in the trilogy?
  • 2. Ayckbourn meant all 3 plays to be seen; what are the difficulties in presenting them thus ?
  • 3. From an actor’s point of view – which would you say is more difficult; playing 3 different characters in completely different plays on successive nights, or playing the same character, but in 3 different plays with different sets  , props etc. ? ( as in the “Norman Conquests” )

After which, Catherine will open the session up for questions from the audience.

There is no additional charge for the Director’s Talk, just stay in your seats or move up a bit closer to the stage – allowing for social distancing at all times.
The session will last approximately 20 minutes.

Round and Round The Garden

Evening Performances at 8 pm:
October 1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15

Matinee Performances at 2 pm:
October 2, 9, and 16

All current COVID protocols practised


Oct 1-16, 2022

Director’s Talk is Friday Oct 7, 2022

The Preview is on Friday Sept 30, 2022 – it is the final dress rehearsal.

  • Running Time: approx 115 minutes including intermission.

1370 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC.  Next to the on-ramp to the Arthur Laing Bridge by Marine Drive and Granville .


Adults $34.50 | Students/Seniors $31.50
The Preview is $25

~ GST and fees are additional

* Group Discounts available

Tickets can be reserved by calling the Box Office 604 266 7191 or purchased on line TICKETS


BOX OFFICE OPENS 4:30pm on Performance Days 

Voicemail or email responses at other times
Box Office Phone: 604 266 7191


Performance Evenings – 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Performance Matinees – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


There is plenty of easy parking – in the parking lot, on the street, even ‘All Evening Parking’ for $4 at the Value Liquor Store Lot just up the street from Metro – 1450 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z9


We’re close to the Marpole bus loop and on the #10 route. Check out for transit directions.


Metro Theatre  via the contact form at the bottom of this page for more information, publicity photos, and arrangements for interviews.

Metro Theatre is a non-profit theatre company, dedicated to promoting and developing theatre arts.  This is our 59th Season, in our 60th Jubilee Year, of bringing laughter, intrigue and surprise to live audiences. Round and Round The Garden is our 532nd show.


of Round and Round the Garden

“Annie” has been in a “holding pattern ” for the better ( or worse !) part of the last 2 years. Because she is unmarried, she is assigned by her family, to the care of their ailing mother.

Now “Mother” had quite the life. Multiple lovers ( many when she was married to Annie’s father ) but Annie has the opposite lifestyle. She is isolated and lonely. Her only companion is the next door neighbour “Tom”, the local veterinarian. A kind person with a way with animals – but not humans. He visits on a regular basis with the excuse of tending to the family cat  .( which spends Act 1 up a tree )

Both “Annie ” and “Tom” yearn for a relationship ( maybe with each other ? ) but both are too shy to do much about it.

Entering the mix are Annie’s older brother “Reg” and his wife “Sarah”. They have come down to Sussex to ostensibly allow “Annie”  a holiday away ( alone ).

“Annie” doesn’t plan to be alone; she and her brother-in-law “Norman” ( her sister”Ruth’s” husband ) have been texting and emailing for months arranging a weekend  away together. “Norman” ruins the plans by showing up at the family home. This alerts “Annie’s ” sister in-law “Sarah” that something is going on. She easily  makes “Annie ” realize  a weekend away in a hotel with her  brother-in-law is not a good idea.

In his despair  at losing his “dirty weekend ,””Norman gets  royally drunk and then  “tries it on” with “Sarah” .

“Sarah” further interferes by immediately texting” Norman’s ” wife “Ruth” who up to now we have heard about, but have never seen.She , too, arrives down at the country house.

Things become more confused and complicated as “Tom”  becomes convinced that “Ruth” is “carrying a torch ” for him. When “Tom” divulges this to “Annie” it precipitates a  fight between them which threatens any possible relationship.

How will it all end ? Will “Annie” go off again with “Norman”? Will she patch things up with “Tom” ? Will “Sarah” and “Reg” ever stop arguing ? Will the cat come down out of the tree?

Come to the Metro theatre and see, as these six characters go “Round and Round the Garden”.

Take a look through the Rehearsal Photos photographed by Hayden Clewes for a sneak peek of the fun the cast is having rehearsing for this play