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Metro Theatre is hosting a Sealed Silent Auction for a custom created abstract painting by painter Tracy-Lynn Chernaske. Valued at $600 the painting is created with Metro’s upcoming show “Persuasion” by Jane Austen as inspiration. By tying together appropriate colours and soft textures the painting reflects suggestions of Austen’s historical multi-location story line full of ships, seaside beaches, grand old manors and tidy cottages.

The Abstract Painting will be on display in the LOBBY of Metro Theatre
located at 1370 SW Marine Drive in Vancouver
from March 8 to April 20, 2019.
The size of the painting is 36″ x 22.75″ on doorskin wood.

The production of Persuasion visits over 10 different locals. With such a challenge facing the production team, seasoned Set Designer John R Taylor has set the bar with a representational set to allow the actors to travel from scene to scene flawlessly. Director Joan Bryans has mentioned the flow of the show moves along quite quickly and likens it to scenes in a movie. She is working closely with the Lighting and Sound Designers to reinforce the feelings of each local.

Following this lead Tracy-Lynn conveys suggestions of natural elements and complimenst them with splashes of historical colours. The ABSTRACT PAINTING is made similarly to Tracy-Lynn’s paintings  released during Metro’s inaugural art show – Reclaiming, Reworking & Revisiting; completely of recycled materials from past productions here at Metro Theatre. Painting techniques such as pouring, washing, stippling, spraying, splattering, pallet knifing and heat treatments were used with regular latex house paints, scenic paints, un-usable wood and other left-over materials such as glitters, metallics, sawdust and glues.

The painting  is available for bidding until April 18th 2019 with the winner announced on the Closing Night of Persuasion on April 20th.  Donations are a part of Metro’s life blood and this auction is a way for us  to reach out and thank our patrons for their continuous contributions. The majority of funds collected through the winning bid will go directly to Metro to help with building up-keep; a small portion will go to the artist.

Bidding is available through our website and via Direct Messages on our Facebook page Metro Theatre Vancouver,  as well as in person  at the theatre during regular box office hours and performances. The opening bid has been set at $300.

The Bidding Ballots with the Rules and Regulations of this our first ever,  Sealed Silent Auction can be found on this page  in the sidebar.  Good Luck everyone!

The Finished Painting

You can view it up close and personal in the Lobby of Metro Theatre during  all show perforamnces and regular Box Office hours up to April 20, 2019.

The Finished Persuasion Silent Auction Painting

Artist Biography ~ Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

Tracy-Lynn Chernaske consistently strives to challenge herself in finding new work using various processes and art techniques. She is a self-claimed cross between a Painterly, Impressionistic and Graphic Style Painter who enjoys exploring the relationships of the push and pull of shades, texture and color.  Tracy-Lynn typically works with bold strokes and in quick-fire, intense time periods which makes for fascinating and multilayer pieces that lull the viewer into visualizing an artificial simplicity.

Tracy-Lynn’s paintings are heavily influenced by her diverse background of experience and training. The vast majority of which comes from theatrical scenic painting. She prefers working with artist’s acrylics, latex house paints and found materials.

Recently she has also taken up body painting and photography. Latest work includes a completed series of abstract paintings using 100% recycled materials from Metro Theatre’s past seasons. A selection of those paintings is currently available for sale with the majority of the funds going to Metro Theatre. She also has worked on a series of female nudes that focused on embracing the concept that body and mind are continually shifting and changing.  Tracy-Lynn is currently available for commissions.

You can see more of Tracy-Lynn’s work on her portfolio

Persuasion Painting Silent Auction Bidding Ballot

  • Minimum Opening Bid $300.00

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Auction Rules and Regulations

All Submitted BIDS are FINAL. All Submitted BIDS are considered SEALED. In the event of tied bids, the winning bid will be determined by the earliest time stamp of the bids for the identical amount.

Payment of the winning bid must be received by Metro Theatre within 48 hours of notification of the Bid Win. Payment must be made either via our secure Silent Auction Bid Payment Portal or in person at the Box Office.

Pick up of the Silent Auction Painting may be arranged with the artist at the convenience of both parties after payment has been confirmed.