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See Shows

   Selling show tickets is Metro’s main source of revenue. Every show ticket directly supports the production the various audience experiences each show delivers. Inviting friends adds to everyone’s enjoyment of that show, plus helps pays for everything from sets, to lighting and sound, or even the clean up after each show.
   Season tickets present a further opportunity, with various discounts over the single show ticket price.

Become a VIP Patron

   Patrons are the backbone that connects Metro’s components. All donors, season ticket holders and volunteers earn this status. Their voices help drive Metro in the shared direction they express. Becoming a patron is easy. It starts for as little as $20 annually. VIP status at Metro Theatre, means you get to enjoy additional benefits, entitlements and be a part of live theatre in Vancouver.

Advertise With Metro

• For each production during the year, we produce a program with valuable advertising space. 

• Advertising products and services to show on the lobby and lounge screens that show during any public performance or function offers great audience engagement.

• Advertising products and services on the Metro web site exposes that message to thousands of viewers. Monthly advertising rates allow: brand building, seasonal promotions and recognition promotions.

• With our patrons coming from all over the Lower Mainland, your advertising dollars are sure to reach a wide-ranging audience.


   Metro Theatre is fueled by volunteers, and is always looking for enthusiastic people to get involved and help us be a better more effective producer of live entertainment for our community. If you’ve got a skill and available free time chances are good they will be to put effective use.

Metro is calling for bolunteers

   • Metro is a registered Canadian charitable organization. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt. Our charitable registration number is 12712 8221 RR0001. Donations online are accepted via credit card at  (look for the button labelled “Donations”). If you prefer to send a cheque, make it out to “Metro Theatre,” and send it along with your name and address.

   • Metro is always happy to accept unique items in good condition that we could use for costumes or props. Unique period items often make a good additions to our wardrobe and props departments.

Sponsor Metro

    Explore the ways you and your organization gain exposure, while making a significant contributions to show production and live theatre enjoyment.

    Sponsor and volunteer participation allow live performances to exist. It is why we are so happy to be able to thank all who help and share the fun of live theatre here at Metro.

Buy out a performance

   Want a private performance of one of our shows each year?    Looking for a great fundraising opportunity?
   We offer the chance to buy out the theatre for one of our show dates.
   You get 300+ seats to sell at your own discretion.
   Call us to discuss how this works and how some organizations use this to fund raise.

Rent the Theatre or Lounge

   Do you need theatre space? On non-show dates, you have the opportunity to rent our theatre with either a full or partial stage.

   You can also rent our infamous lounge for a meeting, social or business occasion.

   Metro also accepts several proposals for rentals and co-productions for the upcoming season.