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Season 56. Volume 1. August 2018
Our First Ever


Saturday, AUGUST 25

10 am – 3 pm

The Metro Scene Shop

8960 Oak Street


You’re invited to a HUGE garage sale of selected set décor, props, costumes and materials used over the past 55 years of productions!!

This is a community event open to the PUBLIC.  We are selling our treasures to raise funds for the new plumbing in our Scene Shop.

#PlumbingRepair, #SceneShop, #SummerFixesIs there a costume you have always wanted?  A prop or piece of furniture that you ‘ need’ Or are you simply looking for a massive pile of costumes/props/set items and other RANDOM AMAZING THEATRE STUFF?

Everything will be a GREAT DEAL because we want make sure all of our carefully kept stuff goes to good homes or theatre makers!#HugeGarageSale, #Props, #Costumes, #SetDecor

  • All items need to be paid for and picked up by 3 pm on August 25th

(We have a loading area set up just behind the Scene Shop)

CASH ONLY please

There will be a CONCESSION Booth with goodies and bottled water for sale.


We are hosting a PAY TO PITCH at the rear of the shop.

If you’ve seen a prop, costume or set décor piece one too many times on our stage and never want to see it again – or maybe you think it’s just TOO ugly to ever be re-homed – you can make a cash contribution to have the honour of throwing that item in our over-sized garbage bin for it never to be seen again. One item per contribution please.

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CLiFFHANGER is Murderously Good

#Cliffhanger, #Season56, #Opener2018, #CliffCLiFFHANGER was written by James Yaffe, a Yale University graduate, and member of the Department of English demonstrates his familiarity with the petty intrigues of academic life in this play.

It begins in the comfortable living room of philosophy professor Henry Lowenthal and his wife, Polly. They are standing in front of a bronze bust of Socrates, discussing Henry’s anticipated appointment to an endowed chair, which will enable him to enjoy semi-retirement while maintaining his lifestyle.

The plot thickens when Edith Wilshire, now head of his department, once his student,  informs the couple that she intends to make sure Henry will never get that appointment. Her continued harassment ends only when the usually mild-mannered professor uses his beloved bust of Socrates to give her a good whack on the head.

When Polly can’t feel a pulse, the Lowenthals, who have always been defined by their ethical and moral principles, face a decision of ethics vs. self-preservation.

Is Henry a hypocrite?  It depends.  He had always taught that philosophy is only valid when it’s put into action.  And thus, he and Polly take the body to an isolated mountain and throw it off a 300 – try 3 foot cliff.  The ensuing chaos is as funny as it is tragic.

The caper’s nifty and unexpected resolution would make Aristotle turn over in his grave.

It took over 80 hours to 3D Print the bust of Socrates. We needed a prop that was lightweight and could be tossed around through the many performances of our run.  The first image you see is at 40 hours (before the clean up).

Welcome to Metro Theatre’s

56th continuous Season

of exciting entertainment.

We are pleased to present 6 shows starting September 15th, 2018 with the humorous thriller “Cliffhanger” by James Yaffe.  Followed by Jack Popplewell’s “Busybody” featuring a wise-cracking sleuth out to better her ex-beau police superintendent on stage October 27th.

We start 2019 with the murder mystery “Murder on Reserve” by Thomas Hischak opening January 19th.  Up next on February 16th is the zany farce, “Up and Coming” by Eric Chappell.

Jane Austen’s final novel “Persuasion” as adapted by Tim Luscombe takes us back to an earlier more gentile era on March 30th.  Our season concludes with a time travelling comedy, Alan Ayckbourn’s “Communicating Doors” beginning May 4th.

We hope that you will enjoy this fine season of plays. As always all plays are subject to availability


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