Front of the Line October 2018

ARTFUL THEATRE – a Production of ART

Acting upon our mandate of community involvement, Metro Theatre hosted our very first art show ~ “Reclaiming, Reworking & Revisiting” on Saturday, October 13, 2018. We invited artists to bring us works that reflect the ideas of reclaiming, reworking or revisiting as it so closely relates to the theatre practice of recycling.  We are happy to report that this free entry event went over extremely well with enthusiastic feedback from participating artists, patrons, and attendees.

Participating were 10 uniquely chosen artists with a variety of painting styles and experiences.



  • Tracy-Lynn Chernaske
  • Ina Smart
  • Keita Thomas
  • Hayley Nicole Crichton
  • Melissa Burgher
  • Yvette Lauer
  • Maureen Cole
  • Geline Payne
  • Jenna Robinson
  • Joy Hanser


After being greeted at the doors, guests were treated to a bit of a walking tour around the building, viewing works all along the way. With 7 artists down in the auditorium and 3 upstairs in the lounge, there was plenty to take in and discuss with other attendees and the artists themselves.

Downstairs, the artwork was presented on recycled flats that have been used in creating many of Metro’s past sets. The flats were painted white and set in the aisles of the auditorium. The artwork was hung on the flats. These meant attendees could get an up close and personal look to allow viewers a chance to get cozy with the works and take in the details. Viewers were also invited to step back into the seating rows to get an overall view and see the works as a whole. Paintings included: fantastical and statement portraits, creative animals, dreamy landscapes and detailed still-life’s.

The space was bookended by two more artists. One artist was on stage with large abstract work and one was at the back with a curtain drawn across Metro’s technical booth to frame in 3D clouds with twinkling beadwork. An artist also took up a small workspace near the foot of the stage to work and provide guests with a chance to watch the artistic process at work and participate by asking questions during the demonstration.

Upstairs, guests were treated with an opportunity to purchase a custom cocktail created by Straight Up Bar Services, or any one of our other regularly offered beverages. Attendees reported friendly smiles and helpful tenders as they received their drinks and anonymously donated snacks while viewing gorgeously forested landscapes, realistic portraits and bright florals.

Over all Metro Theatre was congratulated for the creative use of the venue and many were grateful to see the space used for a community event that reached out to another arts-based industry. It allowed not only Metro and the artists a chance to get to know one another and create relationships that will continue to support each other, but also the chance for people to reach out and speak with the artists in a no pressure situation to learn and explore an industry that can be viewed at times as a bit intimidating.

Each artist participating brought along stellar works in their own signature styles with all displayed pieces for sale directly from the artist. This was a free entry event with Metro taking a modest commission on sold work. For more information about the artists and to see some of their work please check out the Artful Theatre feature on this website

Metro Theatre thanks the participating artists, organizers, volunteers, event sponsor,  and the event coordinator Tracy-Lynn Chernaske, for their time, talent and kindness and looks forward to the possibility of hosting another art show in the future.


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Who’s the zany old lady where you live?

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BusyBody, Season 56, Comedy Mystery,BUSYBODY penned by Jack Popplewell and directed by Rebecca Walters is a laugh out loud mystery centering on 2 busybodies – a corpse that vanishes and a gossipy cleaning lady.  The late Mr. Popplewell was a rhubarb farmer who composed and published 40 popular songs recorded by Bing Crosby, Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields among others,   in addition to over 20 plays –several of which moved to the big screen.   BUSYBODY is his most frequently performed play and with good reason as it has had  audiences giggling and guffawing for more than 50 years and still holds up well today.

In essence, BusyBody is a murder mystery centred on lowbrow, high-rise cleaning lady Mrs. Piper who stumbles upon the dead body of her boss as she’s tidying up one corporate office. The detective who arrives to deal with the murder turns out to be a man she had known in her youth. Lily Piper is entranced. The detective, however, is beyond annoyed by her insistence on butting into his investigation.

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Did You know?

In 1964 Metro Theatre purchased this building that was built upon a historical first nations site. It was designated a national historic site by Parks Canada in 1933.  The little known monument (pictured left) is a few 100 metres away on 73rd Ave. and it commemorates the significance of the culture of the Musqueam First Nation inhabiting what was then the mouth of the Fraser River.  Artifacts from here were dated to 400 BC to 450 AD and suggest habitation thousands of years before.

As we are gathered in the building to watch theatrical performances, Metro Theatre would like to acknowledge that we are assembled on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

Further information at:




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