Metro Co-Production

Co-Production at Metro Theatre

Metros 1st Show ever in 1963

   The Metro Co-Production Program and Playwrights Program “help and develop theatre arts in Vancouver”. As Metro came into being, in August 1961, this was one of the important core challenges. A challenge addressed with Metro’s first ever show, the co-production of “The Hollow”, with Vancouver’s Little Theatre Assn. which opened on September 24th, 1963. Subsequently it was followed by Metro’s 2nd co production of “Our Town” with the White Rock Players on October 8th, 1963.

Metros 2nd Show in 1963
Hunsense CoProduction

   Most recently, work on “Under Milk Wood” in 2023 continues to respect this pillar of “help and develop theatre arts in Vancouver”. Metro also worked with Boone Dog Productions to bring Steel Magnolias to the Metro Theatre from September 25 to October 10, 2021 and then the co-production Nunsense from March 11 to27th, 2022

   Times change, realities shift, as coproductions continue to help live theatre evolve. Creative, production and financial realities come into a more intense focus, as groups are faced with outsiders sharing perspectives. Stressful – yes. Exciting – yes. It is a wonderful way to adapt to the shifting reality that includes other perspectives, skills and changing audience needs. Co-productions allow for collaboration between established and emerging artists as well as allowing audiences to test the boundaries of their expectations.

   Each proposed co-production is considered based on: the proposed show, the company’s history complete with it’s artistic team, area’s that Metro can augment, support that organization, the cultural reality of the Vancouver audience needs, the production details and options open for that co-production to adapt to available resources and realities experienced in the past.

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