1. Auditions – Alice In Wonderland The Panto – Season 57
Metro Theatre is holding Auditions for


A Traditional Metro Pantomime

Hands holding a key in the right hand and a potion labelled Drink me in the left looking down at her shoes

Written by Erik Gow


Directed by: CHRIS ADAMS

Choreographer: Suzanne Ouellette
Musical Director: Katie-Rose Connors
Producers: Catherine Morrison & Alison Schamberger

When:    August 3rd  from 10 am – 2 pm

August 10th  from 10 am to 2 pm

August  11th  from 1 pm – 5 pm

Where: Metro Theatre, 1370 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver

Synopsis:  Join Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and meets all the traditional Metro characters, plus a few added surprises.  Big production numbers and colourful costumes make this a Christmas-time family hit!

Show Run Dates: December 13th, 2019 to January 4th, 2020. There are no two show days.

Audition Requirements

  • A Vocal Audition will be scheduled daytime on Saturday, August 3rd OR Saturday August 10th;
  • Callbacks (Cold Reads from the Script) will be held on Sunday August 11th, 2019 in the afternoon/evening.
  • The Dance Call will be on Saturday, August 3rd at 1pm OR Saturday, August 10th at 1pm – you must attend one of these Dance calls, regardless of your vocal audition time. Please bring comfortable clothing to move in and appropriate footwear.
  • Kids auditions will be scheduled Sunday, August 11th, 2019 from 1pm to 2pm. If you are an adult submitting a headshot and resume for your child, please note this in the email, so we give you the correct time to come!
  • All Auditions will be held at The Metro Theatre, 1370 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver.
  • Rehearsals will begin Sunday September 29th and run Sundays (Mornings and/or Afternoons), plus Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.
  • More evening rehearsals will be needed during Tech Week.  A full rehearsal
    schedule, including these added dates, will be provided before rehearsals
  • There will be an accompanist provided.  Please bring 2 contrasting songs,
    though due to time you may only sing one.  They do not have to be long, but
    need to show us your personality!

Character Breakdowns

Alice: to play 16.  Alice is the leading lady of our tale.  Must be able to
carry a musical comedy almost by herself. Strong singer/dancer/actor needed.

Flopsy: The White Rabbit: Any Age/Any Gender. Flopsy is the silly and
endearing rabbit who is always late! He/she talks directly to the audience
and has a lot to say. Large acting role with minimal singing and dancing.

The Dame: Usually cast Male, Usually over 30.  Big hair, big eye
shadow, and big… personality.  The Nurse is loved by some and hated by
most, but is the envy of none. Many monologues delivered to the audience,
Improv skills a must. Large acting/singing role and an average amount of

The Queen of Hearts/Mother: Plays Female, though could be cast in Drag. Any Age.  This dual role will play both Alice’s Mother and the Queen of Hearts. Both are well featured female characters who need to sing, dance, and act with ease. Big numbers and lots to do.

The King of Hearts/Father: Older Male. Must be an elegant English chap, who then turns into the meek little King of Hearts.  Minimal dance required, but a great Singer and Actor is needed.

The Prince of Hearts: Male to play 16. The Prince falls madly in love with
Alice, though he can never seem to find her.  A comedic role needing a strong singer/dancer/actor.

The Mad Hatter: Any age/Any Gender. A slightly crazy and sometimes a little scary. The Hatter is good on the inside and helps Alice, but you never know what he will do next. Big Production numbers requires a strong actor, singer, and dancer.

The Cheshire Cat: Any age/Any Gender. A strange Cat that helps Alice.  Always enters the stage with a menagerie of other cats, to the tune of Jellicle Cats…

The Caterpillar: Any age/Any Gender. Another of Alice’s tribe. The
Caterpillar should be cool and calm under pressure but gets to sing and dance along with the whole crew.

Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum, and Tweedle-Dumber: 3 Featured actors/singers of any age or gender.  Must have strong comedic ability and be strong singers.

The Demon: Any Age.  The Demon keeps the plot moving with their endless desire to beat the Good Fairy.  Needs to be smart, cunning, and a little scary, but don’t worry, the Demon never wins.  Large acting role with singing and dancing.

The Good Fairy:  Any Age. The ultimate fairy godmother. Innocent, full of
joy, think Glinda the Good Witch.  Talks directly to the audience and always
Boo’s the Demon.  Large acting role with minimal singing and dancing.

The Kids’ Ensemble:  to play 5-12.  We are looking for young energetic singers and dancers for the kids’ ensemble.  They will be woven into the plot and their strengths will be used throughout the show, one Kids’ Ensemble member will be cast as the Doormouse. Lots of singing and dancing!

The Adult Ensemble: Any Age/Any Gender.  We need a large (20+) ensemble of Singers, Dancers, or Actors.  You must be strong in at least one of the three, with a willingness to learn and have fun in the ensemble.  Many many smaller roles, including additional Cats, The Doors, and Flowers, will be cast from the ensemble, most ensemble members will be given characters with lines to speak or sing.  Lots to sing, dance, and act!

Callbacks:  August  11, 2019 afternoon and evening

Rehearsal period:  September  29 through until opening night


Notes: This is a NON-EQUITY production. All roles at Metro Theatre, are Volunteer positions. People will be seen on a first come/first served basis, but be prepared that you may have to wait after being seen as you may be needed to read opposite someone else who is auditioning

Ethno-cultural casting statement:
We encourage submissions from artists with a broad range of backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, and sexuality. We encourage anyone to audition for any role as we will be casting on who is best for the role.

Resume and Headshots:

○Please note any conflicts with auditions/callbacks or the run at this time.
○Please let us know if there is a specific part you are interested in.

You can indicate your interest by filling in the Alice In Wonderland_Panto Fillable Audition Form   on or before AUGUST 2, 2019

and SUBMITTING it with the application below


PRINT out the Alice In Wonderland Panto_Fillable Audition Form  and bring it and your headshot with you to the audition.

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• You can SUBMIT your interest using the shows contact form OR PRINT out the Fillable Audition Form and bring it and your headshot with you to the audition.

• Auditions will be cold readings from the script; the director will choose which scenes the group will read. Drop in, no appointment necessary. Open to all ethnicities.

• Auditions are for NON-EQUITY productions. All roles at Metro Theatre, are Volunteer positions. People will be seen on a first come/first served basis, but be prepared that you may have to wait after being seen as you may be needed to read opposite someone else who is auditioning.

• If you are cast, you will be required to become a Member of Metro Theatre and your 12-month Membership Fee of $20 will be collected at the first read-through.

• It is expected that actors must be capable of playing the age specified, be capable of speaking with expected accents, be able to utilize musical and dancing skills, when the part requires those skills.

• While experience is preferable it is not essential.

Art of a smiling Chesjire Cat face in neon colours


Metro Theatre is collecting personal information about you.  If you are cast in this show, your contact information will be provided to other members of the company.  Unless you ask us not to,  you will be added to our mailing list; the information you provide will be made available to directors and other Metro shows for audition and casting purposes.  You may request to be removed from our mailing list at any time.