Reclaiming, Reworking & Revisiting

A Collection of Artful Theatre


The art and theatre industries have always been closely intertwined. ARTFUL THEATRE is a fundraising initivative created by artist Tracy-Lynn Chernaske.

Aabstract Painting of a Treeline

The works  in this collection  reflect ideas of reclaiming, reworking  and revisiting becasue they are common ideas in theatre. Many flats, furniture and props are recycled into new and relevant uses for each new show. Of course this goes beyond theatre into a common-place practice in our daily lives like our green bins. It even shows up in our large-scale counter-part like Hollywood with recent films such as “Downsizing” or the documentary “A Plastic Ocean”. Our societal conscience has been wired to think about the kind of world we will leave for the future.

We are absolutely thrilled that so many of the paintings  from the RRR collection have sold. Sales from any painting in this collection benefit Metro Theatre to assist with building maintenance costs; with a small portion going back to the artist.

If you would like to own an original piece of art and support the theatre at the same time please consider one of pieces pictured in the gallery below that have not yet been sold or reserved.  Alternatively, you are welcome to commission a unique piece from artist Tracy-Lynn Chernaske.   Please use the contact form on this website to get in touch.

Thank you to everyone who has visited a showing, come to an exhibition reception and stopped to admire the works on display in the lounge, coffee shops and other locations in Vancouver; and most especially  thank you to those who chose to purcahse  ART  that supports THEATRE.

Thanks to Max Leckie of The Langara Voice for coming out to Metro, interviewing us and posting this awesome article

Vancouver artist helps fund Metro Theatre through art

ARTIST: Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

Metro Theatre is trilled to be working in tandem with artist Tracy-Lynn Chernaske to create and find the beauty in recycling through ABSTRACT ARTWORK.

Painting is a big part of theatre productions.   So what happens at the end of the season with all the little bits and pieces from a whole season (or two…or three) of painting materials? If you are the creative and talented Tracy-Lynn, the answer is to explore ARTFUL THEATRE by producing Original and Innovative Abstract Paintings.

Using 100% recycled materials from the last few seasons of Metro’s shows Tracy-Lynn  was very busy  at the Scene Shop making sure nothing in the paint department is left behind or goes to waste

The works Tracy -Lynn created for Reclaiming, Revisiting, Reworking  explore passionate colors and textures.

Tracy-Lynn ChernaskeTracy-Lynn is the Scenic Painter at Metro.  She has received many accolades for her theatre work.  What you may not have realized, is that she is also a practicing fine artist.

Tracy-Lynn consistently strives to challenge herself in finding new work using various process art techniques. She is a self-claimed cross between a Painterly, Impressionistic and Graphic Style Painter who enjoys exploring the relationships of the push and pull of shades, texture and color.  Tracy-Lynn typically works with bold strokes and in quick-fire, intense time periods which makes for fascinating and multi-layer pieces that lull the viewer into visualizing an artificial simplicity.

Ms. Chernaske’s paintings are heavily influenced by her diverse background of experience and training. The vast majority of experience comes from theatrical scenic painting. She prefers working with artist’s acrylics, latex house paints and found materials.

Recently Tracy-Lynn has also taken up body painting and completed   a series of female nudes that focused on embracing the concept that body and mind are continually shifting and changing.

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to support the RRR show with Artist TLC Art & Designs  during the month of January. We are so thrilled and happy to announce more paintings in the collection have SOLD!

Abstract painting in blue tonesSales from any painting in this collection benefit Metro Theatre to assist with building maintenance costs; with a small portion going back to the artist.

Using 100% recycled materials from the last few seasons of Metro’s shows and a variety of painting techniques, Artist Tracy-Lynn worked on wood and other leftover materials found in Metro’s scenic shop to create fresh and innovative abstract paintings.

  • Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining paintings or a custom-made recycled piece.