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Younger Crowd – Langara Voice Review

THE VOICE   February 26, 2016

Reported by: Daniel Dadi-Cantarino

South Vancouver’s Metro Theatre has pushed its own boundaries with Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, a humorous yet thought-provoking play.

The play, which lays out the experiences of five women at a wedding reception, has been described as “Bridesmaids crossed with Sex and the City,” in a press release.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress runs until March 12 at Metro Theatre. Watch a preview below:

Presenting itself as a comedy on the surface, the play delves into issues women face such as misogyny, homophobia, rape, and sex. The play also gives audiences a quick flash of nudity.

Anthony Stonechild, stage manager for the production, said Metro Theatre chose the play because it deals with many “hot-button issues”.

“We talk about AIDS in this play, we talk about infidelity and all kinds of things, and to hear these topics being addressed by strong women characters, and none of these characters being written as at all stereotypical, it’s very refreshing,” Stonechild said.

Director Don Briard said the play might generate interesting reactions from the audience as Metro Theatre has a reputation for presenting productions with a more conservative flavour.


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