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Warm Hearts Variety Show : ACTS

ONE NIGHT ONLYFebruary 17, 2018 at 8 pm
Stellar entertainment acts showcasing:
Dancing, Improv, Singing, Comedy, Drama & Magic
come together in support of Metro Theatre in an amazing 2 hour show.

The Warm Hearts Variety Show LINE UP


Act 1: Los Gitanos ~ Flamenco Dance

Flamenco Dance is known for it’s passionate expression of human emotion and with 35 years of teaching flamenco experience Bev Mantovani is the very best training one can get. 

Did you know that The oldest record of flamenco dates to 1774 in the book Las Cartas Marruecas by José Cadalso? The genre originated in the music and dance styles of Andalusia, of much older origin. Over much more recent years the dance style has picked up in popularity.


Act 3: Dirty Betty Show


The Dirty Betty Show is a saucy comedy show featuring Vancouver’s hottest comedian improvisers. 

The Betty’s for Warm Hearts are: Claire Pollock, Ashlee Ferral, Meaghan Hommy,  and Stephanie Webster



Act 4: She Stoops to Conquer – Scene

A scene from our upcoming Metro Theatre show, She Stoops to Conquer, by Oliver Goldsmith, adapted and directed for Metro Theatre by Joan Bryans. 

 The scene stars Deborah Vieyra and Alex Lowe.   Alex plays Charles Marlow, a gentleman from London, sent by his father to visit the country home of Mr. Hardcastle with a view to meeting the daughter of the house Kate, played by Deborah. 

Because of a confusion, Marlow doesn’t realize he’s arrived Hardcastle’s house but thinks he’s lodging, temporarily, at a country inn. That’s complication one, complication two is that, while Marlow is a stuttering hopelessly shy fellow when he’s around ladies from society, he’s quite another fellow when dealing with ladies from the lower classes. 

Kate knows this and, hoping to have some fun and engage Marlow’s amorous attentions, she pretends to be the barmaid of the supposed inn.  In the scene  we see Marlow meets  Kate in her barmaid disguise for the first time.


Act 5: Susan Skemp ~ Headliner

Susan’s career has taken her worldwide, guest entertainer for Princess Cruises, female lead at the Diamond Horseshoe for Tokyo Disneyland and “Escandola”, a musical revue in Europe.

She has performed with Dal Richards and Bobby Hales Orchestras’ and starred in musicals at TUTS, The Arts Club, Vancouver Playhouse, The Vogue, Gateway and Metro.
Susan produced and performed in a Canada 150 Celebration at the Richmond Night market and wrote, produced and sang the theme song for, “Play it Again”, a short film on the Dunbar Theatre.

Act 6: Rob Teszka Magic

After learning to perform magic from the buskers on Granville Island, Rob travelled to England to do grad school in psychology, and started a PhD on the psychology of magic!

Not only did he contribute to several scientific articles, he also passed two nerve-wracking auditions to become an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle–one of less than 300 in the century-old members-only magic club hidden down an alleyway in London. After 7 years of academia and cabaret performance in England, he just returned to BC in Sept 2017.

Rob Teszka combines innovative cognitive psychology with over a decade of performance experience to illustrate the most magical phenomena of the human mind. His show creates a world in which you can’t trust your own eyes, your memories are manipulated, and your decisions subtly influenced. A world in which impossible things happen right in front of you. Join Rob as he reveals the hidden side of reality!

Act 7: Luigi’s Improv Troop

Is a group is made up of three ninth graders and three tenth graders, Angus Jordan, Arthur Baldry, Theo Robson, Benjamin Nelson, Nathan Shack, and Sasha Schofield.  

They have all been doing improv for two years together in the Canadian Improv Games and The Vancouver Theatre Sports League youth programs.

The Luigi’s Improv Troop was named after the group’s love of the beloved Super Mario Bros character. 

Act 8:  5/4 Rhythm

Dancers: Ryan Bernhauser, Christine Lukac, Emma McIlroy, Rachel McIlroy & Sarah Stabler  make up 5/4 Rhythm

When the Rhythm Room’s artistic director, Jennifer Bishop, founded the studio in 2007 she created a forum for tap dancers, from beginners to professionals, who are committed to advancing their technical and artistic skills. 
The members of 5/4 Rhythm are all current students at the Rhythm Room, who just can’t keep their feet still and are always looking for extra opportunities to work with some of Canada’s leading tap instructors and choreographers. This diverse group of “tap dancing professionals” includes a dentist, epidemiologist, pharmacist, social worker and kinesthesiologist–who all secretly wish they could quit their day jobs and just tap dance! 
Since coming together in 2014, 5/4 Rhythm  has been fortunate enough to represent the Rhythm Room at a variety of cultural events across the lower mainland. Recent appearances include performances with: The Rhythm Room, West Coast Tap Dance Collective, SPECC-tacular Productions Theatre Group, The Next Evolution Dance Company, The Kitsilano Showboat, and Scarlet Lux @ Molotov Caravan 5.
WARM HEARTS VARIETY SHOW is  produced by Tracy-Lynn Chernaske and stage managed by Heather Stewart with Alison Schamberger as our Master of Ceremonies.

Tickets are $25 and can be reserved by calling the Box Office 604 266 7191 or purchased on line VARIETY SHOW TICKETS

 We are raising funds to replace two important features of our theatre – our backstage sink and our cyclorama curtain – after just over 50 years of use – its time!
If you would like to make a donation towards the Sink & Cyc please click here: Warm Hearts for Metro Fund Raiser
Donations of $25 and up are tax deductible.
THANK YOU to  the many, many volunteers involved  with the Warm Hearts Variety Show for their generous donations of time, talent, and treasure.  Enjoy the show!

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