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The Properties Coordinator is appointed by the Production Management Committee.

Working with the Director, Designers and the Stage Manager, the Properties Coordinator will determine what props are required in the production, according to the script, the design concept, period, type, style, size, colour and materials.

The Properties Coordinator is responsible for acquiring, assembling and managing the properties (props) required for a production. The first source for props will be the Theatre’s Properties inventory, in consultation with the Properties Manager.

Items not available from inventory may be borrowed.

When properties items are borrowed, the owner must be informed that Metro Theatre undertakes to safeguard the items, and return them in good condition, but that Metro Theatre cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage, whatever the cause, beyond the loss/damage provisions of the Society’s insurance coverage. If the owner wishes extra and specific insurance, Metro Theatre can arrange this, at terms to be negotiated between the parties. The Production Manager should be informed whenever this becomes an issue.

The third possible source for properties is to actually make them. The cost of materials to do this must be weighed in the balance.

There are times when it is more economical to purchase items rather than rent them, and this should be discussed with the Production Manager.

At all times, attention must be paid to available resources and the financial plan. If there is need to rent or purchase an item that is unusual and possibly expensive, approval must first be obtained from the Production Manager before proceeding.

The Properties Coordinator should prepare a list of all borrowed and rented items and give a copy of the list to the Production Manager, together with any acknowledgements and credits that should be published, with respect to materials and services contributed.

It is the responsibility of the Properties Coordinator to supply any props that are required for rehearsals (which need not necessarily be the actual props eventually used on stage), to attend an early rehearsal to provide them, and also observe who uses them, how and when. This knowledge will be vital when the production comes to the stage.

When necessary, the Properties Coordinator is responsible for instructing actors on the use and any special handling of unusual or specialized props.

During the rehearsal period, the Properties Coordinator should assist the Production Manager in recruiting sufficient backstage props ‘runners,’ to handle the props for each performance.
The Backstage Crew must then be instructed on the proper care and handling of the props and be encouraged to attend some rehearsals, to understand their use.

At Take-In, the Properties Coordinator will need to discuss with the Stage Manager the placement of the props table(s) backstage, out of the way of backstage traffic.

When the props table(s) is/are set up, the Properties Coordinator will work with the runner(s) on laying out the props in order, and marking their positions, so that any missing props will be readily identified, and so that they can easily be found in the dark.

The Properties Coordinator should (if runners are being used) draw up a schedule for the runners, showing when each individual is required to be on duty, giving a copy of the schedule to the Stage Manager, and posting a second copy adjacent to the props table. He/she should instruct runners on the importance of adhering to the schedule,

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