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The Story: Murder By The BOOK

As the curtain rises, on the 1982 London flat of famous mystery writer and critic Selwyn Piper, he is about to be murdered by his wife, volatile actress Imogen, whom he refuses to divorce.  His pretty secretary, Christine, finds herself caught in the crossfire and Peter, the young man next door has to come to her rescue.  Selwyn’s publisher John, who is also Imogen’s lover, enters into the fray and just when you think you have it all figured out… the tables are turned more than once.

The nimble wordplay – each riposte followed immediately by a repartee -is  like a tennis volley.   Selwyn and Imogen are clever, intelligent and knowledgeable and each knows it!  The various backs-and-forths between Selwyn and Peter have you questioning if the famous author has met his match in a reader who was as astute and imaginative as him. 

As a comic variation of a whodunit, the cunning (and criminal) writer of mysteries tries to out con an equally cunning reader of his mysteries and a murder plan that was actually another murder plan gets spun into something else entirely.

Is there a murder?  That’s a good question.  Come to the show on stage January 20th through February 10th and be delightfully flummoxed by the twists and turns of this lighthearted and intricate comedy thriller to find out.

TICKETS ~ Murder by The BOOK – January 20 – February 10






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