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Director’s Talk: Guilty Conscience

Where is the line between reality and imagination?  This was the question that plagued the team as we went deeper and deeper into the play.  The question we have for you (the audience) is:  What are your conclusions, having just experienced the performance? What were the clues? Whose imaginings are we seeing? Where you intrigued…or […]

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DIRECTOR’S TALK: Crossing Delancey

Although director, Alison Schamberger made the decision to update this play from its original period of the 1980s, it remains an old-fashioned love story that does not depend on Facebook, Twitter, online dating sites or any of the other modern paraphernalia of dating. It’s about the Jewish culture fighting for preservation by keeping its traditions […]

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Director’s Talk: #ComicPotentialMT

Director Sarah Arnold and the cast of #ComicPotentialMT invite you to join them for a 20 minute talk back session immediately following the performance on April 1st. There is no additional charge, just stay in your seats or move up a bit closer to the stage. The cast, along with director, Sarah, will introduce interactive […]

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