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Straight and Narrow is a comedy about facing mid-life crisis issues, the support family can give, and the difficulties that families can cause.

Set in Manchester England, Bob and Jeff are two blokes in a long term relationship. Together they run a kitchen reno business.  Their jealousies and frustrations are similar to any couples – meddling family, money concerns, and different tastes in foods

Underneath, however, uncertainty and doubt are brewing.  Jeff is bored, his days with Bob have developed into a familiar pattern and he wants more out of life.  He fears he and Bob are drifting – maybe even drifting apart. So the couple goes on holiday to Malta to work on their relationship. The trip goes horribly wrong when Jeff goes sightseeing without Bob.

The family –  each of whom has their own relationship struggle, rally to rescue the situation when Bob and Jeff return from Malta not speaking to each other.  Bob’s sister Nona has been left for a younger woman by her husband Arthur, his other sister Lois is heavily pregnant with a fourth child and their mother Vera, a sharp-tongued force of nature,   is determinedly unaware that her son is gay.

If the plot sounds vaguely “Coronation Street” -ish” – it may be.  The playwright Jimmie Chinn contributed to Coronation Street, and another long-running soap, Emmerdale, while writing for the stage. Straight and Narrow draws on Jimmie’s own experience with his larger than life mother – right down to the unfortunate hat that the character Vera never takes off!

 The Vancouver PREMIERE of Straight and Narrow runs April 22 – May 13th.

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