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Sherlock Holmes: Stage & Film Contest

Are you a fan of all things Sherlock? Well do we have a contest for you…..

At each performance of Holmes & Watson Save The Empire ~ Metro Theatre will draw for a pair of movie passes to the ADVANCE SCREENING of  the eOne film “Mr. Holmes

The stage production  of Holmes & Watson Save The Empire runs June 17th to June 28th. Better book your tickets quick!

“It’s Elementary my dear Watson” – you have to be in attendance at a performance of Holmes & Watson Save The Empire to enter the draw to win movie passes to the Advance Screening of the eOne film “Mr. Holmes


Mr. HOLMES, the film, is not your standard Sherlock Holmes story, as it follows the consulting detective in his later years where he revisits the unresolved fragments of his final case, which ultimately led to his retirement. Ian McKellen’s performance as Holmes is infused with charm and pathos, and is already being labelled as one of the best Sherlock portrayals. ADVANCE SCREENING is July 15, 2015.

You can check out the trailer here:

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