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Press Release: HILDA’S YARD

HILDA’S YARD is a comedy about the unbreakable ties that bind family together

 Metro Theatre kicks off our 55th Season with the Canadian play – HILDA’s YARD – in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Hilda’s Yard is written by one of Canada’s most prolific playwrights, Norm Foster, directed by returning director Kayt Roth;  on stage September 16 – October 7.

It’s 1956, one ordinary family, one extraordinary day: Hilda and hubby Sam, are recent empty-nesters, keen to enjoy life after raising two children.  Their hopes are symbolized by a brand-new television set Sam purchases, visions of cozy evenings on the couch dancing in his head, blissfully unaware of the chaos that is about to ensue.  Then their son Gary loses his job, daughter Janey leaves her husband and both adult children boomerang back to their nonplussed parents for an extended and unexpected stay.

Beware of the “flying Flucks”. As soon as the two siblings are together or interacting with their parents, they quickly fall into old ways of communicating –  pouting, whining and foot stomping that ends up very funny.  Things really stir up when Gary’s bookie, Beverly and his star-crossed lover, Bobbi show up. With a name like Fluck, there’s potential for things going askew and of course, they do, as the play explores family dynamics with love and laughter.

Lucille Ball said “You see much more of your children after they leave home.” Director Kayt Roth tells us that in Hilda and Sam Fluck’s case, it’s the truth.  Norm Foster has touched on the modern day issue of children returning to the nest after moving out, and how it impacts their parents’ plans for how to spend their golden years  


Katherine Morris as Hilda Fluck,

Richard Guenther as Sam Fluck,

Mark MacDonald as Gary Fluck,

Tricia Gilliss as Janey Fluck,

Julia Christina Ray as Bobbi Jakes

and Dayleigh Nelson as Beverly Woytowich.

 The show is directed by Kayt Roth, produced by Heather Stewart and stage managed by Allison Kendall (Rehearsals), Lydia Williams & Lyndsey Baillie (Production)

Click on the link for the Full Listing:

Cast and Production Team –  Hilda’s Yard

Photo credit: Tracy-Lynn Chernaske


Tickets are $25 Adult or $22 Senior/Student with a special 2 for $38 every Thursday


Tickets can be reserved by calling the Box Office 604 266 7191 or purchased on line TICKETS

 Metro Theatre is a non-profit theatre company, dedicated to promoting and developing theatre arts.  This is our 55th continuous season of bringing laughter, intrigue and surprise to live audiences. Hilda’s Yard is our 505th show.




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