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On Stage Now – The Wislow Boy


Our seventh production of our 50th Anniversary Season –

THE WINSLOW BOY by Terence Rattigan

Directed by Johnny Duncan

The play, inspired by an actual event, which set a legal precedent: the case of Stonyhurst Collegealumnus George Archer-Shee, a cadet at Osborne in 1908

England, 1912. The Winslow family arrives home from church in time for a carefully orchestrated meeting between Arthur Winslow (Michael Jones), the proud patriarch, and John Watherstone (Chris O’Connor), the young man set to marry Arthur’s daughter Catherine (Gina Raye Young), an ardent suffragette. As plans are made for their lives together, Arthur, his wife Grace (Isabel Mendenhall),Catherine, her eldest brother Dickie (Kris Michaleski), John, and Desmond Curry (Roger Kettys), the family lawyer and Catherine’s admirer, drink Madeira in celebration of the union.

Just after the family toasts, The family maid Violet (Alison Main-Tourneur), reveals to Arthur that his youngest son, Ronnie (Adrian Jones), is back early from the Naval College at Osbourne–dismissed for stealing a five shilling postal note. Arthur asks his son if he is guilty, explaining “If you tell me a lie, I shall know it, because a lie between you and me can’t be hidden.” Ronnie swears that he is innocent.

Arthur dedicates himself to clearing his son of the charges. After obtaining no satisfaction from the school, he decides to retain the well-known attorney, Sir Robert Morton (Gavin Le Claire and Rob Stover). Since he is a conservative opposed to women’s suffrage, Catherine is opposed to hiring Morton. In Sir Robert’s chambers Desmond explains their predicament: the legal assumption is that the Admiralty and the Crown can do no wrong and cannot be sued. However, by a matter of grace, such a petition can be granted by the Attorney General, allowing the case to come to court.

Just as the entire family is coming to terms with its doubts about the case and their future, a decision is rendered in the case.


The Winslow Boy opens Saturday March 23 and runs thru to April 20. Curtain 8:00PM, Including two Sunday Matinees on April 7 and April 14. Curtain 2:00PM. Tickets are $23.00 and $20.00

Preview Night, Friday, March 22 all tickets are $12.00

Thursday nights are special at Metro Theatre – ticket price special – two (2) tickets for $32.00

For more information call 604-266-7191

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