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Magique! A magic Spectacular

The exciting all new full production magic show, Magique! – A Magic Spectacular featuring Oslen and Kel. Experience some of the most astonishing feats of modern magic and witness the impossible… done in a full scale eye-popping visual theatrical manner.

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Journey your way to an evening where you see people vanish into thin air, birds appear from empty bare hands, and minds get blown away with sensational mind blowing illusions of Oslen and Kel. Enter the world of Magique, and witness previously unseen miracles. Marvel at the unique setting in which nothing is quite as it seems. Like a great mystery novel, the plot will unfold over the course of the evening to end with a final revelation so startling, it will have to be seen to be believed.

So many people see magic on youtube and television and don’t believe it, yet they have the chance to witness the miracles, up close and live, before their very eyes! During the Golden age of magic, at the turn of the 20th Century, illusions were performed in private rooms by parlour magicians. Rarely does an audience today get this up close and intimate view of great magic. Magique does exactly that, bringing magic right up to date, amazing audiences with incredible sleight of hand, pure mind reading and baffling illusions.

Oslen brings to the show a full scale illusion production with recent appearances on Canada’s got Talent while Kel is a multiple award winning magician with his exceptional sleight of hand surgical precision

Come see the show for an evening to be remembered!  On the Metro stage April 21-23.  Tickets $38

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