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Jerry Wasserman calls Deathtrap “a lighthearted, entertaining labour of love.”

Vancouver’s 2013-14 theatre season has seen its share of milestones. The Vancouver East Cultural Centre celebrates its 40th birthday, the Arts Club its 50th. If the Playhouse had survived one more year it would also have marked half a century. Almost forgotten amid the commemorations is a company that pre-dates them all, Metro Theatre.

Operating out of its own 309-seat building, that downscale deco theatre on the south side of Marine Drive in Marpole that you pass as you hit the entrance ramp to the Arthur Laing Bridge, Metro is a phenomenon. The company has staged 465 plays in its fifty-one seasons. Its website boasts that they produce nine shows annually, more than any other non-professional company in North America.

Non-professional is the operative word here. Metro is the flagship of our region’s flourishing community (aka amateur) theatre network: the North Vancouver Community Players, the Surrey Little Theatre, the Vagabond Players of New Westminster and many more. These are the folks who do it not for money but for love. Amore and amateur come from the same Latin root.


To read Jerry’s full article, check out The Province online.

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