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El Destino

We are pleased to welcome

30 Flamenco Dancers to our stage June 3rd and June 4th


El Destino

Los Gitanos is a flamenco dance company created by Beverly Mantovani and based in Tsawwassen since 2001. Although regularly performing at the Victoria Flamenco Festival, Kitsilano Showboat, the PNE, and local venues, this will be the first time the full annual show will be showcased outside of Tsawwassen. The 2017 edition is called El Destino, a tragic tale of love and betrayal. Beverly is known for her innovative choreographies that push the boundaries of what has been done before, and this edition is no exception.

There will be 30 dancers plus live musicians performing to a wide range of traditional flamenco rhythms, culminating in an emotional number to the music of Luis Alonso to tell a tragic story. Similar to previous productions, this show is fast paced, exciting and passionate. Beverly points out that flamenco, created by persecuted peoples in southern Spain, is an ideal dance form to communicate highly charged dramas, such as El Destino.

All the dancers are trained to the strict technical requirements of the Spanish Dance Society. Combined with Beverly’s brilliant choreography and live musicians, El Destino promises to deliver an emotional audience experience


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