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Director’s Talk: #ComicPotentialMT

Director Sarah Arnold and the cast of #ComicPotentialMT invite you to join them for a 20 minute talk back session immediately following the performance on April 1st. There is no additional charge, just stay in your seats or move up a bit closer to the stage.

020720165674The cast, along with director, Sarah, will introduce interactive discussions on topics like:

  • Who, you the audience, think are androids and who aren’t.
  • The experience of being robotic in our daily lives (for example getting to work and then not being able to remember how you got there).
  • Artificial Intelligence – could actors (the epitome of humanness) ever really be replaced by robots?



Plan to join us and invite a friend along, for this unique opportunity to chat with the cast – April 1st after the show.




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