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Director’s Synopsis: ROBIN HOOD and MARION


 a Christmas Pantomime

Written & Directed by:  Catherine Morrison

30291415921_7668332b99_zThis is a show about fights :
Food fights ! Medieval longsword fights! Wrestling ! Fart gun attacks (by the Minion)

Men fighting men ! A man ( dressed as a woman ) fighting another man (dressed as a woman )  with spatulas ( this causes little bodily harm ) Women fighting men !  Minions fighting Sheriffs. Something for everyone.

This is the (slightly altered) story of Robin Hood and his band of Outlaws in Sherwood Forest; including Little John, Friar Tuck , Alan Adale, and Will Scarlett.
Lady Marion and her ladies of the court are a vital part of the tale. We meet them in the castle before they flee to the (comparative ) safety of Sherwood . Lady Marion is being pressured to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham ( say it isn’t so ! )

Robin and his friends ( who are generally very merry ) are living in the Forest to escape the tyranny of King John. They rob from the rich ( the 1% – who are not amused ) and give to the poor (who are very grateful and make Robin a media star ).

Plus there are a few fantasy characters thrown in for good measure (“Hansel and Gretel” “The witch”, Red Riding Hood”, and ” Goldilocks”- hey they were all in a forest – why not Sherwood  Forest? )

We also have the Metro Theatre Demon ( that guy we love to hate ) who transforms himself into the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, plus the ever popular Good Fairy( she  can speak in rhyming couplets consistently ! )

All this, plus songs for everyone; love songs (” For Good” ) funny songs, (“We Envy Men”) rousing songs( “We Love Robin”  and “Power to the People” ), great costumes. a variety of settings and dancing too!.

And we ask you – the audience – to join in the fun. Some lucky kids get to be on stage with the “Dames” ( the 2 men with really bad fashion sense  ) and everyone gets to cheer, boo, groan etc. ( don’t worry the Minion will cue you when to join in if you’re not sure ! )

                   Fun for all and all for fun !


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