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CAST: Audition Notice for the Metro Theatre Panto/Musical “SLEEPING BEAUTY”


Performance Dates:  December 10, 2015 to January 2, 2016 (with breaks)

Directed by:  Catherine Morrison

Choreographed by:  Jordana Jackson

Please note: Audition Date Change

Auditions on stage at the theatre on:

Mon. August 31 and Wednesday September 2 at 7:00 PM

Please bring your own music if you are reading for a singing role. Also bring appropriate dance shoes for dance audition.

Demon – lead male – 30 – 50 – Acting Role

Good Fairy – lead female- 20- 35 – Acting Role. Singing and Dancing an asset

Nanny Do – Little (“ the Dame”- lead )- male 30 -65- has a solo – Must sing. Dancing is an asset.

Prince Charming – lead male – 25- 35 – Strong Singer and Dancer. Acting required.

Princess Aurora – lead female – 20- 35 – Strong Singer and Actor. Some dancing required

King- male – 40 – 60 – Acting Role. Singing and Dancing required

Queen – lead female – 35- 60 – Acting Role. Singing and Dancing required

Mayor/ Narrator- supporting actor- male or female – strong speaking voice – 30-65

Viola, Portia, and Olivia – Attendants to the Princess – female – 15- 35 – Supporting roles. Strong Singers who can dance.

Milkweed, Flora, Mustard Seed, and Peaseblossom – Fairies – female – 15 – 30 – Supporting Roles – Strong Dancers who can sing.

2 children- villagers –Strong Singers and Dancers. Acrobatic Skills are an asset.

Fred, Will, Betty, and Maria (Villagers) – Strong Singer and Dancers. Some acting required.

Jingles – male or female – 20 45 –, lead acting role; singing and dancing an asset.

Maxine Smart-Ass – lead female acting– 25- 50 –some singing , dancing and rapping required

Agent 98 ¾ – lead male acting– 25- 50 – some singing , dancing and rapping required

Fitzy – lead male or female-25-65 – servant to the Prince –some singing and dancing required

 Please complete the following SLEEPING BEAUTY Audition Form

 *A printable PDF is attached at the end of this form if you wish to print it, fill it out manually and bring it along with your Headshot/Resume to the audition.

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For which role(s) do you wish to read?

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Please indicate ALL prior commitments that will impact when you are NOT available to Rehearse

Upload PDF of Your RESUME

Upload Your HEADSHOT( jpg size 500kb - 1MB)

EXPERIENCE: A brief list of plays, roles, companies and directors (to be completed ONLY if NO resume is provided)

If you are not cast, would you be interested in joining the Metro Theatre Team in another capacity? With SEVEN shows each season, we need considerable backstage personnel - excellent training for further advancement in Theatre Arts.


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December 10, 2015 to January 2, 2016 (with breaks)

Private bookings may occur on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, for each performance week, with no more than one private booking per week.  Please keep these days free to perform.

REHEARSALS BEGIN SOON AFTER CASTING. If you are cast, you will be required to become a Member of Metro Theatre and your 12-month Membership Fee of $20 will be collected at the first read-through.

METRO THEATRE PRIVACY POLICY:  Metro Theatre is collecting personal information about you.  If you are cast in this show, your contact information will be provided to other members of the company.  Unless you ask us not to:  you will be added to our mailing list; the information on this form will be made available to directors or other Metro shows for audition and casting purposes.  You may request to be removed from our mailing list as any time.


Download and Print this PDF for Paper Application Audition Form_SleepingBeauty

Questions can be e-mailed to the director –


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