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Alma ~The Story of the Girl Who Glowed

East Van Opera cordially invites you to their inaugural production; “Alma”, by composer Allison Cociani on the Metro stage June 22 – 25.

It is a new opera consisting of five singers, three dancers and a chamber orchestra of twelve players.

Alma is a story about the struggle between a young girl with special powers and a group of people who wish to profit from these abilities. It is the classic struggle. She is abducted by Griselda and her three cohorts, Kelsh, Tesh and Vidar. Alma must find a way to escape her captors. Upon learning that the group of evil doers had not only kidnapped her, but in fact murdered her grandmother, Alma understands she is completely alone and must rely on her own wits to save herself.

Ultimately “Alma” is a story about the road to personal understanding, and the end result of that path~ forgiveness.

We are thrilled to bring this production to the stage. Not only do we have an excellent cast and talented chamber orchestra, we also have the addition of ballet dancers. Our dancers are the “animals” in the story. In this post-apocalyptic world, where everything is strange and different, the animals help weave the plot together towards a climax in a wild and wonderful burlesque scene.

You won’t want to miss the melange of these three art forms; opera, ballet and burlesque. We can’t wait to entertain you!


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